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BBC Shop Voucher Discount Codes The website ( reckons to have 3,500 products available, which can be delivered to all European countries. You can buy them directly through the website, by mail to a PO Box number in Sittingbourne or by visiting one of the retail shops, which are located in Eastbourne, Brighton, Leicester, Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Tunbridge Wells.

The main shop operates from the BBC's Media Centre in Wood Lane, London, and is run by BBC Worldwide. It offers all its published products plus certain BBC-related ones that are published by third parties. These include DVDs, video cassettes, books, toys, clothing, games, CDs, audio tapes and magazine subscriptions. Many of these might, of course be available elsewhere (such as on Amazon) although some, particularly the latest releases, will be exclusive to the BBC. Either way, it's always worth checking for the best price. Another incentive to shop here is that all profits are, apparently, ploughed back into the BBC for the benefit of licence payers ... pause for a moment to ponder ... and lets move on:

The shop is, in fact, a geek's paradise where you can buy every episode of Doctor Who featuring each regeneration of the good Doctor. They're all there, from William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee right through to Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant. You might even get the chance to win a boxed set actually signed by the Doctor himself. All the old Red Dwarf nostalgia is there whilst the super-geeks amongst you must own a Monty Python series, or at the very least, the Parrot Sketch. For geek petrol heads there's Top Gear and various Clarkson DVDs on the workings of big machines.

At the younger end, you'll have to settle for Bob the Builder and In the Night Garden. We couldn't see any Mensa help videos for the under 12's. There's plenty of normal stuff too, like planet earth/blue planet dvds, pride and prejudice and shakespeare in various formats. Just view by category, such as comedy or drama, if you're in a browsing mood.

There is a separate DVD Online site at (I don't know, ask them why!) that has all the latest releases plus the back catalogue. There are also links back to the main shop site for books, magazines and audio.

The BBC Store for America is located at with the UK version at (though also redirects there).

Delivery of most orders is promised within one working day. Various online sales and special offers are available regularly. If you've ever been on a BBC TV programme, or a radio programme for that matter, you don't have to remember to record your moment of glory or humiliation. Providing it's in the archive, you can get a contributor's copy of the show from the shop site.

Old Auntie BBC is actually getting up to date with DVD downloads and even a BBC Shop entry on Twitter and Facebook. (Again, we don't know why, ask them!) These feature special offers, new releases and other items of interest. Some special offers also feature on PayPal if you're an avid user.

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