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Funny Gadgets iPhones Are you looking for a great phone to use in the UK, that will give you access to features not available on most standard phones? then you might want to take a look at one of the newest, most sophisticated phones on the market in the UK today - the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone is much more than just a phone - it is also a portable media device. You can not only do all of the things you can do with a standard phone, such as making and receiving calls, checking your voicemail, and downloading music ringtones, but you can also use your iPhone to download thousands of songs or hours of music videos or movies.

Having a phone that is also a portable media device gives you the flexibility to stay connected with your family and friends while taking all of your digital media with you while you are on the go. With the iPhone's large storage capacity, you'll never have to worry about running out of media to enjoy while you are commuting to work, waiting in an airport for a connecting flight, or hiking through the woods. No matter where you are, you'll have all of your media to enjoy in one small portable device.
The iPhone doesn't stop there, though. UK users can also download media on the go, without having to connect to a PC or Mac to get new media for a commute or a trip. Most portable media devices require you to connect to a PC or Mac via a USB cable to download new media, and to charge the unit. The iPhone, however, has a built in wireless capability, so anywhere you have a wireless internet connection available, you can use your iPhone to connect to the internet, browse Websites and iTunes for new media, and download new songs, albums, video, and movies directly to your phone.
In the UK, there are plenty of places where you can connect to the internet via the iPhone's wireless capability. Many libraries offer wireless internet, and many retail shops and restaurants in the UK are also starting to offer wireless internet in an effort to attract and retain customers. So wherever you are in the UK, chances are good that you'll be able to find a connection whenever you are in the mood for new music or movies.

You'll also have superior control over your voicemails with the Apple iPhone. Most cell phones offer access to voicemails in a chronological fashion - that is, when you connect to voicemail, you have to listen to every one to get the messages you want. With the Apple iPhone, you'll be able to visually review your voicemail messages, and select only the ones you actually want to listen to. You can leave the rest for another time, or permanently delete the ones that you know you do not want to listen to.
The Apple iPhone also offers bluetooth capability for UK users. You can take and receive calls hands free with the one-touch bluetooth headset, and even listen to your favorite music through your headset without having to deal with cumbersome wires and ill-fitting earbuds. This can be a great feature if you use your iPhone while you are driving or riding a bike, or any other activity that requires your full attention.

So if you're looking for a phone you can use in the UK that offers rich features, a compact design, and the ability to enjoy audio and video media, pick up the new Apple iPhone. This small device can be a great solution for staying connected with your friends and family in the UK while being able to download and enjoy new media on the go.

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