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If you're a tech geek not only do you want the best gear, you want the best advice and help when making those purchases. If you've been on the web for a while you'll know that these days it's hard to tell which are the top-notch retailers and which are the 12-year-olds selling stuff out their bedrooms. We've gathered only the well-known, the well-established and the well-respected gadget and tech retailers in the UK into one directory - The Geek Directory! For each you will find info on the company, their products and their services with links to their official website. You can also narrow down your search using the categories menu to your right and view retailers by the products they sell.

7 Day Shop All Retailers 7 Day Shop: The name of this site ( no doubt states the obvious without telling you what it's really about. Online shops, barring unforeseen downtime, are invariably open not only seven days a week but also 24 h... 7 Day Shop Reviews >>

Abe Books All Retailers Abe Books: One of the many quirks of the electronic age, like the so-called 'paperless office' where better and faster printing is available, is that the internet has made book buying easier rather than rendering books obsolete... Abe Books Reviews >>

Active 24 All Retailers Active24: Getting a web presence can seem a bit of a challenge and you should pick a provider that meets your needs. Equally, you have to be sure that the provider has the flexibility and the range of products and services to ... Active24 Reviews >>

Additions Direct All Retailers Additions Direct: Although mainly know as a fashion clothing catalogue, like many home shopping services they have expanded to cover a huge range of extra products including everything from garden furniture to iPods. Their range is ac... Additions Direct Reviews >>

Advanced MP3 Players All Retailers Advanced MP3 Players: offer one of the largest ranges of MP3 players in the UK. Every product on their website features a comprehensive summary along with detailed specification sections. Their website offers a pr... Advanced MP3 Players Reviews >>

AOL All Retailers AOL Broadband: AOL was launched in the UK in 1996. Carphone Warehouse purchased parts of AOL UK for £370m in 2006. This means that Carphone Warehouse became the third largest broadband provider, with over 2 million customers. AOL U... AOL Broadband Reviews >>

Apple Mac Macintosh All Retailers Apple Mac: On October 23, 2001, Apple introduced the iPod digital music player. Initially equipped with a 5GB hard drive and a monochrome screen, models today can store up to 160GB and display videos, play games with a wide ran... Apple Mac Reviews >>

Argos All Retailers Argos: "Don't shop for it, Argos it!" Whilst we doubt that people will ever start saying the latter over the former - according to Argos themselves two thirds of the population have an Argos shopping catalogue in their home... Argos Reviews >>

Asda All Retailers Asda: Asda is a UK supermarket chain that sells food, clothing and general merchandise. It became a subsidiary of the American chain Wal-Mart in 1999 and is now the second largest chain in the UK after Tesco. As Wal-Mart's... Asda Reviews >>

BBC Shop All Retailers BBC Shop: The website ( reckons to have 3,500 products available, which can be delivered to all European countries. You can buy them directly through the website, by mail to a PO Box number in Sittingbourne or ... BBC Shop Reviews >>

BeThere - Be There All Retailers BeThere Broadband: was set up as an independent ISP in 2004 and started trading in August 2005. In June 2006 it became part of the O2 group after O2 purchased it for £50 million. The O2 group became Telefónica O2 Europe i... BeThere Broadband Reviews >>

Borders All Retailers Borders: A bookshop? "Wrong kind of geek!" -- I hear you scream. Well, like most companies looking to stay in business, they've branched out. Right next to Jackie Collins is the BFG GeForce GTS 250 1GB DDR3 ... well, not righ... Borders Reviews >>

BOSE All Retailers BOSE: The Bose range is huge and as each product has been designed individually for a specific purpose it seem only fitting that instead of waffling on about the company's history for a whole page that we take a look at th... BOSE Reviews >>

BoysStuff - Boys Stuff All Retailers Boys Stuff: BoysStuff was launched in 1997 by Richard North and his friend Peter Bowdler and is now one of the UK's leading gadget and gift retailers. North had been in business since the age of 28 and began with a Birmingham ba... Boys Stuff Reviews >>

BTBroadband - BT All Retailers BT Broadband: BT Group plc is the privatised UK state telecommunications operator and is the main fixed line telecommunications and broadband Internet provider in the UK. It operates in over 170 countries and is one of the largest... BT Broadband Reviews >>

CarphoneWarehouse - Carphone Warehouse All Retailers Car Phone Warehouse: The Carphone Warehouse Ltd was established in 1989 and is based in London. Carphone Warehouse acts as an intermediary between mobile network operators and mobile manufacturers and retail customers. It currently has 2... Car Phone Warehouse Reviews >>

Co-op All Retailers Co-Op Electrical: A company that is part of the Co-operative Group, which was founded back in 1844, may not seem the obvious choice for geeky and techy products. But in amongst the washing machines and cookers are computers, games con... Co-Op Electrical Reviews >>

Crucial All Retailers Crucial Memory UK: If your desktop PC or laptop computer isn't running as fast as you'd like it to do, one of the best ways to give it a boost is usually to add more memory. However, you need to use the right kind of memory because jus... Crucial Memory UK Reviews >>

Currys All Retailers Currys Digital: The Currys name has been on Britain's high streets since 1888 when the first shop opened in Leicester. It is now well-established in the UK and Ireland, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. In 1984, it bec... Currys Digital Reviews >>

Dell All Retailers Dell UK: Although often thought of as one of the newer computer sellers, Dell was actually launched in 1984 with the name PCs Limited. It started in founder Michael Dell's dormitory room with the aim of selling PCs directly t... Dell UK Reviews >>

DialaPhone - Dial a Phone All Retailers Dial a Phone: Dial-a-Phone are a UK mobile phone retailer and work in direct response marketing, placing daily advertisements in national newspapers, magazines, TV and on the Internet. Founded in 1995 by Richard Frank and Jonathan... Dial a Phone Reviews >>

e2save - e 2 save All Retailers e2 Save: e2save is a trademark of Carphone Warehouse is a well established direct response company that seeks to offer savings in time, hassle and money to customers. Before joining the Carphone Warehouse group e2save was own... e2 Save Reviews >>

Eclipse All Retailers Eclipse Broadband: Eclipse Internet is a UK ISP based in Exeter, Devon. They supply ADSL and dial up connections to home users and also offer business services including SDSL and a leased line service. Eclipse was launched in 1995 as a... Eclipse Broadband Reviews >>

Electric Shopping All Retailers A site where the home page shows 'Discount Domestic Appliances' in the heading might not seem the most promising place for an ardent geek. However, if you ferret around long enough in the right areas, you're likely t... Reviews >>

Euroffice All Retailers Euroffice: Claiming to be the UK's largest online supplier of stationery and office supplies, this London-based company has been going over ten years and launched an Italian operation in early 2009. The company has so far deliv... Euroffice Reviews >>

Firebox All Retailers Firebox: The items on this site are based on the principle that 'getting old is inevitable but growing up is optional'. As a result, you can get Chilli Jellies if you want sweets with a fiery kick or Giant Microbes modelled o... Firebox Reviews >>

Gadget Shop All Retailers Gadget Shop: Ever wanted your own talking Yoda, build your very own version of Stonehenge, have a pair of battery heated gloves or a NASA tested pen? For these and other whacky and often irrelevant gadgets, this site will quench ... Gadget Shop Reviews >>

Gamestation All Retailers Gamestation: If you're a dedicated gamer, this website obviously worth a look. In fact, the company reckons it's the UK's fastest growing retailer of video and computer games.

The site offers a huge range of games of a... Gamestation Reviews >>

Gizoo All Retailers Gizoo: Gizoo is home to a whole selection of different gadgets and gizmos. The company originates from 2002 and was founded when the software company Serif began sourcing PC gadgets. Their eye was caught by a mini remote co... Gizoo Reviews >>

HiFiBitz All Retailers HiFiBitz: The site is so called because it supplies bits (or bitz if you're looking to be trendy) for hi-fi systems. And they do like their Zs - there's a 'Best BitZ' section with articles and other items of... HiFiBitz Reviews >>

I Want One of Those All Retailers I Want One of Those: Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to after you boot it out of the door every night? If so, what you really need is a Pet's Eye View camera that you can hang around its neck. You can set the device to take ... I Want One of Those Reviews >>

Ink Club All Retailers Ink Club: Having started in 2000 in Sweden, with the aim of selling ink cartridges and laser toner by mail order, this company now operates in fifteen European countries and has over two million customers. This, it claims, mak... Ink Club Reviews >>

Ink Factory All Retailers Ink Factory: Although we're all supposed to be doing our bit to save the planet by cutting down on printing, the paperless office never really happened. The demand for printer supplies appears to be as strong as ever and this sit... Ink Factory Reviews >>

Jessops All Retailers Jessops: Having started as a family business in 1935, Jessops has for a long time been known as Britain's largest specialist photographic retailer. It expanded to a peak of 315 stores in the UK, was the subject of a managemen... Jessops Reviews >>

JustPhones - Just Phones All Retailers Just Phones: JustPhones is one of the biggest mobile websites in the UK. Based in Eastbourne, and established in 1999, the company has expanded to become one of the fastest growing British business communication companies. Their ... Just Phones Reviews >>

Kaspersky Lab All Retailers Kaspersky: As a committed techy, you'll know all about the dangers of the internet. You'll know of the damage that viruses can cause, about how annoying adware can be and that spyware can steal your bank account data and other ... Kaspersky Reviews >>

Kelkoo All Retailers Kelkoo: With a name that apparently derives from the French "Quel cout?" ("At what price?") or "Quel coup" ("What a bargain"), Kelkoo is the biggest e-commerce advertising platform in the UK and Europe. As an e-commerce webs... Kelkoo Reviews >>

LeoMobile - Leo Mobile All Retailers Leo Ringtones: Leo Mobile is a weekly subscription service that offers up to 14 downloads to each customer in their first week of joining. All you have to do is supply your mobile number. Leomobile doesn't need personal information... Leo Ringtones Reviews >>

Mac Warehouse All Retailers Mac Warehouse: With Apple firmly established as the ultimate geek brand, MacWarehouse, with its offering of all things Apple, is geek shopping heaven.

Although it isn't part of Apple, it's been selling the company's prod... Mac Warehouse Reviews >>

McAfee All Retailers McAfee: As one of the big hitters in the security business, McAfee's name is well-known. Its website offers a range of protection for home users as well as medium and large businesses.

The home produ... McAfee Reviews >>

MobileShop - Mobile Shop All Retailers Mobile Shop: The Mobileshops website offers contracts with the main networks - Virgin, T Mobile, O2, 3, Orange, BT Mobile and Vodafone. Thousands of mobile phones and mobile broadband deals are available in one of the biggest onl... Mobile Shop Reviews >>

Mobiles2YourDoor - Mobiles 2 Your Door All Retailers Mobiles 2 Your Door: Mobiles2YourDoor has been operating for over eleven years but only launched their website in August 2007. They are a trading division of Phones4U, which is part of the Caudwell Group, and were previously known as Gre... Mobiles 2 Your Door Reviews >> All Retailers was launched in 1995 and now claims to be the largest web-only mobile phone store in the UK. It employs over thirty staff at its offices and warehouse in Hertfordshire and has a £9m annual turnover. In ... Reviews >>

O2 - 02 All Retailers o2: Before March 2006 the company Telefónica O2 Europe was simply known as O2 Plc. The name comes from the chemical name for oxygen and was chosen to give the idea that the company supplied essential services in the same... o2 Reviews >>

O2 - 02 All Retailers o2 Broadband: O2 is officially called Telefónica O2 Europe although prior to March 2006 it was known as O2 PLC. The O2 in its name comes is the chemical name for oxygen and is intended to denote that the company supplies essential... o2 Broadband Reviews >>

OneStopPhoneShop - One Stop Phone Shop All Retailers One Stop Phone Shop: OneStopPhoneShop began trading in 1995. It was one of a group of companies that initially competed for business by taking out daily advertisements in national tabloid newspapers such as the Sun and Daily Star. In 199... One Stop Phone Shop Reviews >>

OnSpeed All Retailers OnSpeed: If you're a regular internet user, you'll know the pain of a slow connection when downloads seem to take forever and some websites are hardly usable. Well, OnSpeed is designed to fix that by speeding up your connecti... OnSpeed Reviews >>

Phones4U - Phones 4 U All Retailers Phones4U: Phones 4u is an independent UK mobile phone retailer. It opened in 1996 and has expanded to 400 stores throughout the United Kingdom. The company was originally set up by John Caudwell after he discovered that he cou... Phones4U Reviews >>

PicStop All Retailers PicStop: The growth of the digital camera has changed the whole photography marketplace, not only for the cameras themselves but also for everything that goes with them. Now it's memory cards instead of film, paper and ink to... PicStop Reviews >>

Pitney Bowes All Retailers Pitney Bowes: A firm that started over 80 years ago and was known as the postage meter company might not seem like one to offer technology products. However, the postal market has changed beyond recognition in recent years and Pit... Pitney Bowes Reviews >>

Pixmania All Retailers Pixmania: If you access the website, you then get to choose your country from the 26 where the brand is established. It is reckoned to be the largest European consumer electronic products internet store with o... Pixmania Reviews >>

Priceminister All Retailers PriceMinister: Although relatively new to the UK, having launched its UK site at the end of 2008, PriceMinister has enjoyed phenomenal growth in its native France.

Having started in 2001 in the cultural goods market, the... PriceMinister Reviews >>

Purely Gadgets All Retailers Purely Gadgets: Any site that's got gadgets right in the name is one that any self-respecting geek has to visit. If you absolutely must have a LED shower head or a wiki MP3 alarm clock, this is the place to get it. The stated goal i... Purely Gadgets Reviews >>

Red5 - Red 5 All Retailers Red 5: Red 5 retail was founded by Jonathan Elvidge after his previous business The Gadget Shop went into administration in 2005. Elvidge sold his home to help fund Red5Retail and a number of staff that had previously worke... Red 5 Reviews >>

Sky All Retailers Sky TV: If you want the biggest possible range of television channels, a Sky satellite dish installation sticking out your wall is pretty much a necessity. Add to this the availability of broadband and a telephone service an... Sky TV Reviews >>

T-Mobile - TMobile All Retailers T-Mobile: T-Mobile is the UK wing of T-Mobile International, a branch of Deutsche Telekom AG based in Bonn, Germany. It has mobile companies in the USA and eleven European countries. Worldwide, T-Mobile has 101 million subscri... T-Mobile Reviews >>

TalkTalk - Talk Talk All Retailers Talk Talk: TalkTalk is the ISP and phone section of the Carphone Warehouse. The Carphone Warehouse was established and acts as an intermediary between mobile network operators and mobile manufacturers and retail customers. It c... Talk Talk Reviews >>

Tesco All Retailers Tesco Direct: Although known mainly as a supermarket chain, Tesco is heading for world domination as it moves into insurance, finance, travel and a host of other diverse activities. Its website ( has groceries, wines... Tesco Direct Reviews >>

TescoMobile - Tesco Mobile All Retailers Tesco Mobile: Rather than buy or build a telecom network, Tesco decided to use the expertise of existing telecoms. Tesco Mobile was launched in 2003. By December 2004, 500,000 customers had signed to its mobile service and in Dece... Tesco Mobile Reviews >>

TheLink - The Link All Retailers The Link: The Link has an enormous range of products. In addition to mobile phones, there are also accessories, faxes, handheld computers, mobile phones, pre-pay vouchers, telephones and two-way radios. Pay as you go contracts... The Link Reviews >> - 3 All Retailers Three Mobile: 3G earns its name through being the third generation of mobile phone technology and is based on the International Telecommunication Union's family of standards under the International Mobile Telecommunications progra... Three Mobile Reviews >>

Tiscali All Retailers Tiscali: Note: from February it seems that Tiscali will no longer be taking on new customers as everyone is being transferred to Talk Talk who bought over Tiscali. ... Tiscali Reviews >>

UKOnline - UK Online All Retailers UKOnline: UK Online Broadband is a wholly owned division of British Sky Broadcasting. BSkyB was formerly Sky Television and BSB and is the company that operates Sky Digital, which produces TV content and owns several TV channe... UKOnline Reviews >>

Virgin Media All Retailers Virgin Broadband: Virgin Media was formerly known as ntl:Telewest. In 2006 it became the first UK media company to bring together a service consisting of television, Internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services. Although l... Virgin Broadband Reviews >>

VirginMobile - Virgin Mobile All Retailers Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile became the world's first mobile virtual network operator in 1999 when launched in the UK. Instead of maintaining its own network, Virgin mobile uses the existing networks belonging to other providers. I... Virgin Mobile Reviews >>

Vodafone - Vodafones All Retailers Vodafone: Vodafone is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world (by turnover) with a market value of about £100 billion in December 2007. Based in Newbury, Berkshire, they have equity interests in twen... Vodafone Reviews >>

Yahoo Games All Retailers Yahoo Games UK: If you read the reviews of Yahoo Games, you get a lot of five star ratings, with comments such as 'truly addictive', 'user friendly' and 'fun to play'. Which rather explains why it gets over 19 million unique visitor... Yahoo Games UK Reviews >>

Yahoo Small Business All Retailers Yahoo Small Business: Pay per click is a cost-effective marketing tool because you only pay when a customer actually clicks on your advert. This site, which is part of Yahoo's Small Business operation, provides this type of service. Howev... Yahoo Small Business Reviews >>

Obviously, we try to keep this list updated as well as the provided information - but it's hard work and we don't always get alerted quickly enough to problems. See our terms and conditions for more information. This is a free service, not paid for advice so don't go getting your knickers in a twist if we have a few slip ups! †

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