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T-Mobile - TMobile Voucher Discount Codes T-Mobile is the UK wing of T-Mobile International, a branch of Deutsche Telekom AG based in Bonn, Germany. It has mobile companies in the USA and eleven European countries. Worldwide, T-Mobile has 101 million subscribers, with 19.2 million of those being in the UK, and is the world's sixth largest mobile phone service provider. The "T" in its name stands for "Telekom." In the UK, T-Mobile was originally known as Mercury One 2 One, later simply as One 2 One. Mainly because of virtual operators such as Virgin Mobile that use the T-Mobile cellular network infrastructure, T-Mobile is now the United Kingdom's third largest mobile network, behind O2 and Vodafone.

The T-Mobile PCS network uses GSM technology, the international digital radio standard created by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, now the globally accepted standard. Its GRPS offers what's become known as "always on" data connection for GSM mobile phones, which allows faster browsing of Internet content, and faster access to online services. T-mobile's network covers 99% per cent of the UK population and it has one of the lowest dropped call rates. It offers the largest worldwide WiFi network, with over 1,000 HotSpots in business-friendly locations in the UK and 21,000 worldwide, and offers the fastest HSDPA network across the UK with speeds of up to 1.8mb per second.

When launched in 1993, it was the world's first GSM 1800 network. Last year, 3 and T-Mobile announced they were merging their networks to improve mobile Internet coverage. They plan to have 13,000 sites, which will cover 98% of the population by the end of 2009. The wireless network will be capable of speeds up to 7.2 Mb per second, almost twice the average home broadband speeds and almost twenty times faster than existing 3G services. T-Mobile also operates WiFi hotspots in a variety of locations.

T-Mobile offers both pay as you go and pay-monthly contract phones. Monthly contracts plans are branded as Flext for 18 and 12 month customers. T-Mobile's 12 month contracts were previously branded as Relax and I would imagine that by the time you are reading this a new trendy name will have been thought up. There are also other contract options for off-peak calls customers who call predominantly within TMobile's network. There is also the U-Fix plan monthly plan, which can be topped up with PAYG extra credit on a prepaid phone. Business extras are on offer to commercial customers. Also, T-Mobile launched their 3G UMTS services in autumn 2003.

The U-Fix tariff has recently been revamped and includes additional texts. This plan also includes the Call Me Back service, which enables customers to send call back requests by text if they run out of credit. Call Me Back is a free service that can be used a maximum of five times each month. Web'n'walk Internet surfing is available for a small daily charge or a monthly fee. Information on their mobile broadband services through a USB stick can be found on their main site. Web addresses with webandwalk, webnwalk or web&walk in them (the latter not being valid) do not seem to return anything offcially t-mobil-ish, generally just adverts so best to stick to brand searching rather than product searching if you're looking for info on related services. Recently, Tmobiles decided to dump Google as its preferred online search engine and replace it with Yahoo.

Deals are highlighted on the front page of the website. Prepaid phones are available, as are pay as you go phones, and include a large number of popular brands such as Sony Ericsson and Samsung. The Blackberry PDA, with its built in GPS offers more functions than a standard cell phone, such as Sat Nav and email. Some phones offer the option of watching TV or video. A variety of models are available from each manufacturer including popular cell phones such as Motorola's Razr and T mobile's SDA. The Razor is available on both pay as you go and pre paid. It's possible to buy a T mobile SIM card alone, if you don't want to invest in a new handset. SIMS are available for both pay as you go and monthly contracts. Existing customers may be entitled to a free upgrade or new mobile at a reduced price. If you're still happy with your handset, it's possible to choose other savings instead.

The comprehensive website makes it easy to order the phone and service you want. Some price plans are exclusive to the web and can't be obtained in store. It's possible to manage your account online and there's a help and advice section for any potential problems that you might run into. Gift cards are available if you want to treat a friend or member of your family and special online offers appear regularly. Sat Nav phones offer a powerful system as part of your phone. Next day free delivery is available to all customers who order before 7 pm. A separate website deals with mobile accessories at offering a wide range of products from memory cards and headphones to cheap and cheerful fashion accessories.

Those who prefer not to give details online can call T mobile and place their order by telephone. No additional charges are incurred for this service. Store locations are all over the UK and the website has a stores locator function to make them easy to find if you prefer not to buy T-mobile phones online. TMobile mobile phones can be bought online from a number of dealers, some of which hold the status of an accredited dealer. A promotion code is regularly on offer on the web, which can help customers save money when buying a T-mobile phone. A number of other outlets also sell phones for T Mobile.

A TMobile mobile phone can be used abroad. While roaming, the person calling pays to call your T-Mobile phone as if it's in the UK and you pay to have the call forwarded to the country you're in.

Fun fact include: T-Mobile has been the official sponsor of West Bromwich Albion since 2004 and are also partnership sponsors of Rangers FC and Celtic FC. T-mobile states that choosing which songs to use in TV commercials is a huge deal for them. They try to use new tracks by up and coming artists, especially those that are hummable or singable.

T-mobiles website can be found at or with the international version at On the subject of navigation you might want to watch out as we have noticed from our internal search facility that not everyone is on board with the correct spelling of this companies name ... yes, even though it uses the word "mobile" which you would think would be hard to mess up. It seems that people hearing the adverts on TV with the narrator's accent think it sounds like "mobil" or "moble". So we checked and and are owned by T-Mobile but,, and are not. The same story with other common entries with being owned but, not. We didn't even get into general misspellings or understandable errors like t-mobilephone, t-mobilephones, tmobilephone or tmobilephones. We really wouldn't have expected such an array of dis-array from what seems a very simple name to remember.

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