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Support Line for failing Computer Hackers?
A Symantec report has suggested that there are more than 100 attacks on computers every second worldwide. Of these, one each 4.5 seconds has a detrimental affect on the computer concerned. The amount...

3D Channel to be launched this year
Sky TV is showcasing its 3D technology in a number of undisclosed locations over the next year. However they are promising at least 100 3D shopping centre demos. The first of which took place in the ...

The 130,000 iPad
Stuart Hughes from Liverpool has been featured in the Telegraph this week. The designer is responsible for creating gadgets which have been "blinged". In fact his greatest creation is probably the iP...

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iPods Main - Since it's first launch the Apple iPod has been in a class of it's own. Smoothly linking style with functionality it has become an icon of the gadget industry rather than just another option. The buzz created whilst awaiting the launch of the new range in 2007 was more than most products get after launch ... >>

iPhones Main - Are you looking for a great phone to use in the UK, that will give you access to features not available on most standard phones? then you might want to take a look at one of the newest, most sophisticated phones on the market in the UK today - the Apple iPhone ... >>

Fibre Optic Broadband - Broadband at the speed of light? Sounds great! Although, it seems that the companies installing it and selling it have managed to put a damper on things. 200mbps "achievable" still means about 20mbps "actual" ... >>


Yes, there are plenty of business directories. Yes, there are plenty of review sites. But what about a free business directory review site where the reviewers have nothing to gain by reviewing the companies? Many review sites force reviews out of people by offering gifts, freebies, discounts or by creating a social network of people who like giving their opinion on things.

The Geek Directory is different. We only add a website to our web directory if we've checked it our ourselves ... or even bought something from it! Any company that wishes to add their URl will have to list their web site in the miscellaneous directory. If we feel they are a decent site with good products we'll add their link to the main directories sections. Any web site in the main section can be reviewed by any one passing through. No sign up, and no reward for doing so. We think that gives a better, but often smaller, selection of reviews to choose from as they will most likely be from genuine reviewers with something important to say.

Do check out other review forums, though, as often general trends of a particular business practice by a company can be spotted. Also, if you notice any links in this directory are broken, please get in touch!

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