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Nowadays there are two main types of mobile phone retailer - "direct" and "reseller". You can buy direct from an individual network through their own websites or their high street stores, just look for the right colour on your high street! T-Mobile has the bright pink stores, O2 has the bright blue stores and Orange have ... ummm, not sure ... Of course, with the high competition between the resellers, such as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U, the better deals and incentives are often with them. Orange did offer a free Nintendo Wii once, but that was about it. Between the contract resellers they are giving away anything from a PS3 to widescreen TVs to grab your attention. Here are the best known and the more established companies that are actually providing mobile phones in the UK:

Argos Mobile Phones Argos: "Don't shop for it, Argos it!" Whilst we doubt that people will ever start saying the latter over the former - according to Argos themselves two thirds of the population have an Argos shopping catalogue in their home... Argos Reviews >>

Asda Mobile Phones Asda: Asda is a UK supermarket chain that sells food, clothing and general merchandise. It became a subsidiary of the American chain Wal-Mart in 1999 and is now the second largest chain in the UK after Tesco. As Wal-Mart's... Asda Reviews >>

CarphoneWarehouse - Carphone Warehouse Mobile Phones Car Phone Warehouse: The Carphone Warehouse Ltd was established in 1989 and is based in London. Carphone Warehouse acts as an intermediary between mobile network operators and mobile manufacturers and retail customers. It currently has 2... Car Phone Warehouse Reviews >>

Currys Mobile Phones Currys Digital: The Currys name has been on Britain's high streets since 1888 when the first shop opened in Leicester. It is now well-established in the UK and Ireland, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. In 1984, it bec... Currys Digital Reviews >>

DialaPhone - Dial a Phone Mobile Phones Dial a Phone: Dial-a-Phone are a UK mobile phone retailer and work in direct response marketing, placing daily advertisements in national newspapers, magazines, TV and on the Internet. Founded in 1995 by Richard Frank and Jonathan... Dial a Phone Reviews >>

e2save - e 2 save Mobile Phones e2 Save: e2save is a trademark of Carphone Warehouse is a well established direct response company that seeks to offer savings in time, hassle and money to customers. Before joining the Carphone Warehouse group e2save was own... e2 Save Reviews >>

Kelkoo Mobile Phones Kelkoo: With a name that apparently derives from the French "Quel cout?" ("At what price?") or "Quel coup" ("What a bargain"), Kelkoo is the biggest e-commerce advertising platform in the UK and Europe. As an e-commerce webs... Kelkoo Reviews >>

LeoMobile - Leo Mobile Mobile Phones Leo Ringtones: Leo Mobile is a weekly subscription service that offers up to 14 downloads to each customer in their first week of joining. All you have to do is supply your mobile number. Leomobile doesn't need personal information... Leo Ringtones Reviews >>

MobileShop - Mobile Shop Mobile Phones Mobile Shop: The Mobileshops website offers contracts with the main networks - Virgin, T Mobile, O2, 3, Orange, BT Mobile and Vodafone. Thousands of mobile phones and mobile broadband deals are available in one of the biggest onl... Mobile Shop Reviews >>

Mobiles2YourDoor - Mobiles 2 Your Door Mobile Phones Mobiles 2 Your Door: Mobiles2YourDoor has been operating for over eleven years but only launched their website in August 2007. They are a trading division of Phones4U, which is part of the Caudwell Group, and were previously known as Gre... Mobiles 2 Your Door Reviews >> Mobile Phones was launched in 1995 and now claims to be the largest web-only mobile phone store in the UK. It employs over thirty staff at its offices and warehouse in Hertfordshire and has a £9m annual turnover. In ... Reviews >>

O2 - 02 Mobile Phones o2: Before March 2006 the company Telefónica O2 Europe was simply known as O2 Plc. The name comes from the chemical name for oxygen and was chosen to give the idea that the company supplied essential services in the same... o2 Reviews >>

OneStopPhoneShop - One Stop Phone Shop Mobile Phones One Stop Phone Shop: OneStopPhoneShop began trading in 1995. It was one of a group of companies that initially competed for business by taking out daily advertisements in national tabloid newspapers such as the Sun and Daily Star. In 199... One Stop Phone Shop Reviews >>

Phones4U - Phones 4 U Mobile Phones Phones4U: Phones 4u is an independent UK mobile phone retailer. It opened in 1996 and has expanded to 400 stores throughout the United Kingdom. The company was originally set up by John Caudwell after he discovered that he cou... Phones4U Reviews >>

Pixmania Mobile Phones Pixmania: If you access the website, you then get to choose your country from the 26 where the brand is established. It is reckoned to be the largest European consumer electronic products internet store with o... Pixmania Reviews >>

T-Mobile - TMobile Mobile Phones T-Mobile: T-Mobile is the UK wing of T-Mobile International, a branch of Deutsche Telekom AG based in Bonn, Germany. It has mobile companies in the USA and eleven European countries. Worldwide, T-Mobile has 101 million subscri... T-Mobile Reviews >>

TescoMobile - Tesco Mobile Mobile Phones Tesco Mobile: Rather than buy or build a telecom network, Tesco decided to use the expertise of existing telecoms. Tesco Mobile was launched in 2003. By December 2004, 500,000 customers had signed to its mobile service and in Dece... Tesco Mobile Reviews >>

TheLink - The Link Mobile Phones The Link: The Link has an enormous range of products. In addition to mobile phones, there are also accessories, faxes, handheld computers, mobile phones, pre-pay vouchers, telephones and two-way radios. Pay as you go contracts... The Link Reviews >> - 3 Mobile Phones Three Mobile: 3G earns its name through being the third generation of mobile phone technology and is based on the International Telecommunication Union's family of standards under the International Mobile Telecommunications progra... Three Mobile Reviews >>

VirginMobile - Virgin Mobile Mobile Phones Virgin Mobile: Virgin Mobile became the world's first mobile virtual network operator in 1999 when launched in the UK. Instead of maintaining its own network, Virgin mobile uses the existing networks belonging to other providers. I... Virgin Mobile Reviews >>

Vodafone - Vodafones Mobile Phones Vodafone: Vodafone is the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world (by turnover) with a market value of about £100 billion in December 2007. Based in Newbury, Berkshire, they have equity interests in twen... Vodafone Reviews >>

Notes: Free gifts are great but with most of them coming only with 18 month contracts rather than 12 month ones make sure you aren't just buying into that deal because of the cool laptop! At £35-£45 per month for the better-gifted tarrifs you will be looking at £630-£810 over an 18-month period. If you're not going to use the free minutes included then buying a £20 tarrif for the same period will cost you only £360 so you can buy the Nintendo yourself and have cash to spare! Plus you won't have to tie yourself to the 18 months. Also be aware that most of the retailers do not include the VAT in the online price display especially for business customers. I was pretty sure some law had been passed about this? For my past three phones I've got the checkout to find the 17.5% slapped on at the very end after spending 30 minutes getting through the online form. †

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