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They've spread from that little quirky section in the toy store to dedicated online e-tailers and now to high street stores filled with the latest boys toys and fun-but-pointless gadgetry. The gift giving market has boomed with these novel items being the staple of most people's christmas offerings at the office. They're generally cheap and will bring a smile with practically no thought needed ... Yes! Some you will play with for a couple of days before they gather dust in a cupboard, other's will gain regular usage especially amongst the geekier individuals out there with all manner of electronics being powered by just your computer's USB cable. Anyway, these are the best known retailers of such items, enjoy surfing through them as much as buying them:

BoysStuff - Boys Stuff Gadget Retailers Boys Stuff: BoysStuff was launched in 1997 by Richard North and his friend Peter Bowdler and is now one of the UK's leading gadget and gift retailers. North had been in business since the age of 28 and began with a Birmingham ba... Boys Stuff Reviews >>

Firebox Gadget Retailers Firebox: The items on this site are based on the principle that 'getting old is inevitable but growing up is optional'. As a result, you can get Chilli Jellies if you want sweets with a fiery kick or Giant Microbes modelled o... Firebox Reviews >>

Gadget Shop Gadget Retailers Gadget Shop: Ever wanted your own talking Yoda, build your very own version of Stonehenge, have a pair of battery heated gloves or a NASA tested pen? For these and other whacky and often irrelevant gadgets, this site will quench ... Gadget Shop Reviews >>

Gizoo Gadget Retailers Gizoo: Gizoo is home to a whole selection of different gadgets and gizmos. The company originates from 2002 and was founded when the software company Serif began sourcing PC gadgets. Their eye was caught by a mini remote co... Gizoo Reviews >>

I Want One of Those Gadget Retailers I Want One of Those: Have you ever wondered what your cat gets up to after you boot it out of the door every night? If so, what you really need is a Pet's Eye View camera that you can hang around its neck. You can set the device to take ... I Want One of Those Reviews >>

Kelkoo Gadget Retailers Kelkoo: With a name that apparently derives from the French "Quel cout?" ("At what price?") or "Quel coup" ("What a bargain"), Kelkoo is the biggest e-commerce advertising platform in the UK and Europe. As an e-commerce webs... Kelkoo Reviews >>

Purely Gadgets Gadget Retailers Purely Gadgets: Any site that's got gadgets right in the name is one that any self-respecting geek has to visit. If you absolutely must have a LED shower head or a wiki MP3 alarm clock, this is the place to get it. The stated goal i... Purely Gadgets Reviews >>

Red5 - Red 5 Gadget Retailers Red 5: Red 5 retail was founded by Jonathan Elvidge after his previous business The Gadget Shop went into administration in 2005. Elvidge sold his home to help fund Red5Retail and a number of staff that had previously worke... Red 5 Reviews >>

This epidemic of weird gift buying has led many manufacturors to start coming up with specific gadget ideas targeting a particular market such as gaming console users, office workers and even hen/stag nights! Of course, the latter tends to aim toward the more naughty side of gadgetry with the item itself being more provocative in nature rather than being actually usable. Personally I'm not a big fan of all these electro-shock gadgets and games out there. So far I have been bought two of the things - one where you all stick your fingers in a hole and you are randomly shocked, and another where you have to hold on to a metal stick and the first one to let go loses. I don't like being electrocuted and I can't say I've ever suggested when friends come round that we play a game where one of us gets shocked randomly for no reason. Who finds such games fun? †

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