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Purely Gadgets Voucher Discount Codes Any site that's got gadgets right in the name is one that any self-respecting geek has to visit. If you absolutely must have a LED shower head or a wiki MP3 alarm clock, this is the place to get it. The stated goal is to be the first to offer the latest and most innovative products before they hit the mass market, so it's your chance to stay ahead of the pack and impress your friends with some obscure novelty gadget.

There are, of course, more normal products available, such as digital camcorders and cameras, games and consoles, telephones, GPS and all sorts of other gadgets that the modern geek can't afford to be without. The buying process is supposed to be easy and fun, so you can browse by category (including a 'Unique gadgets' heading) or run a search to find a product. There are also other features to help you find that must-have gadget, such as a list of clearance items or a 'Gifts for under £20' section if you're on a budget. If you really don't know what to buy someone, there's a 'Gift Finder' function where you can select by category, sub-category, brand and price range to narrow the field.

Other features intended to help are a 'Latest Tech Talk' section, which features various products, news and reviews, plus the obligatory blog. However, when the latest blog entry offers ideas for Father's Days gifts and you're reading it in September, you have to think they're either not very committed to the blog or they're extremely forward thinking.

The company began in 2002 as an electrical distributor. Two years of expansion made it the top UK supplier of several electronic brands and the website ( was launched. It operates from London Docklands and now claims to have over 100,000 customers.

Payment is secure through a separate secure sever that uses SSL encryption protocol. You can click on various payment logos to prove the point. Worryingly, if you click the 'Internet Shopping is Safe Accredited Retailer' or 'Internet Delivery is Safe Accredited Retailer' logos, a warning comes up that the website's security certificate was issued for a different website's address. It's no doubt just an administrative thing but it hardly inspires confidence.

Of course, with such common word branding, navigation could be a potential issue. There doesn't seem to be any crossover with the retailer PureGadgets and their range of electricals (no website available for them) and this company does own it's dot com version of the domain. Mis-spellings seem to be limited so: so far so good.

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