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It's estimated that even by the end of 2008 at least 20% of the country will still not be able to get broadband. This may seem strange considering the huge number of broadband providers available, but you have to remember that these are not all different companies. Some providers own several brands and all but the cable companies rely on BT to upgrade and manage your local exchange before you can get any services. Pricing is also difficult to understand between these companies sometimes as some include line rental, some don't, some include the wireless router, some don't, some include phonecalls, some don't, some include unlimited connection time, some don't ... the list is endless, quite literally because to compete with each other there are new offers, new inclusions and new discounts being thrown around almost daily. The only advice I can think of is to watch out for 'budget' broadband services as they are not necessarily cheaper, just lacking in any free extras and often customer service budgets are shortened to keep their costs low. I'd pay an extra £2-£3 per month to avoid having to wait 40 minutes on hold each time I call up, wouldn't you?

AOL Broadband AOL Broadband: AOL was launched in the UK in 1996. Carphone Warehouse purchased parts of AOL UK for £370m in 2006. This means that Carphone Warehouse became the third largest broadband provider, with over 2 million customers. AOL U... AOL Broadband Reviews >>

BeThere - Be There Broadband BeThere Broadband: was set up as an independent ISP in 2004 and started trading in August 2005. In June 2006 it became part of the O2 group after O2 purchased it for £50 million. The O2 group became Telefónica O2 Europe i... BeThere Broadband Reviews >>

BTBroadband - BT Broadband BT Broadband: BT Group plc is the privatised UK state telecommunications operator and is the main fixed line telecommunications and broadband Internet provider in the UK. It operates in over 170 countries and is one of the largest... BT Broadband Reviews >>

Eclipse Broadband Eclipse Broadband: Eclipse Internet is a UK ISP based in Exeter, Devon. They supply ADSL and dial up connections to home users and also offer business services including SDSL and a leased line service. Eclipse was launched in 1995 as a... Eclipse Broadband Reviews >>

O2 - 02 Broadband o2 Broadband: O2 is officially called Telefónica O2 Europe although prior to March 2006 it was known as O2 PLC. The O2 in its name comes is the chemical name for oxygen and is intended to denote that the company supplies essential... o2 Broadband Reviews >>

OnSpeed Broadband OnSpeed: If you're a regular internet user, you'll know the pain of a slow connection when downloads seem to take forever and some websites are hardly usable. Well, OnSpeed is designed to fix that by speeding up your connecti... OnSpeed Reviews >>

TalkTalk - Talk Talk Broadband Talk Talk: TalkTalk is the ISP and phone section of the Carphone Warehouse. The Carphone Warehouse was established and acts as an intermediary between mobile network operators and mobile manufacturers and retail customers. It c... Talk Talk Reviews >>

Tiscali Broadband Tiscali: Note: from February it seems that Tiscali will no longer be taking on new customers as everyone is being transferred to Talk Talk who bought over Tiscali. ... Tiscali Reviews >>

UKOnline - UK Online Broadband UKOnline: UK Online Broadband is a wholly owned division of British Sky Broadcasting. BSkyB was formerly Sky Television and BSB and is the company that operates Sky Digital, which produces TV content and owns several TV channe... UKOnline Reviews >>

Virgin Media Broadband Virgin Broadband: Virgin Media was formerly known as ntl:Telewest. In 2006 it became the first UK media company to bring together a service consisting of television, Internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services. Although l... Virgin Broadband Reviews >>

For those of you not living in Scotland, you've probably been enjoying the benefits of broadband for some time. To me, the sensation is still new with it only becoming available where I live at the end of 2007. Working on the internet I was excited to see what 8 MBPS looked like, especially after being stuck on a 64 KBPS ISDN line for the previous two years. Boy was I disappointed ... although it is stated on each broadband provider's website that connection speeds may vary and that the service I was buying was 'up to' 8 MEG, that information was in the small print at the bottom of the screen - and not just small-print either but much-lighter-text-than-the-rest-of-the-page print too! Most days I'm lucky if I get half a Meg, let alone eight of them. Just remember that when looking to upgrade as although you can buy double digits worth of speed you may not need to purchase such a high package if the distance you live from the exchange means that you will never achieve such speeds anyway. †

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