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Eclipse Voucher Discount Codes Eclipse Internet is a UK ISP based in Exeter, Devon. They supply ADSL and dial up connections to home users and also offer business services including SDSL and a leased line service. Eclipse was launched in 1995 as a South West Internet service provider and the following year it launched its 0845 dial up service. Eclipse broadband in the UK was launched in 2001 based on BT's wholesale ADSL service and was the first in the UK to be simple enough to be self installed. The Eclipse broadband service is now owned by Kingston Communications. It was purchased in 2004 for a total of £12.5 million of which £9.5 million was paid in cash and the remainder in Kingston shares. The KCOM Group is a UK communications and IT services provider based in Kingston upon Hull. Kingston Communications is its subsidiary business unit and serves the local area with Internet and telephony services. The Kingston Group was born out of Hull Corporation, which opened its first telephone exchange in 1904, and it is the only UK telephone company that wasn't absorbed in to the Post Office Telephone department (later British Telecom). It remains the only remaining UK municipally owned corporation. The KCOM Group consists of a number of companies including Kingston Communications, Affiniti (its business integration and services arm) and Eclipse. In 2004 E-clipse became the first provider to introduce boostable broadband speeds with FLEX as well as the first to offer a public Wi-Fi service.

In 2005 Eclipse Internet broadband began trials of a combined digital television, telephone and broadband service. The company has won a number of awards including the Best Consumer Broadband Award and Finalist of Best Business Broadband Award in 2007. That same year Eclipse launched several green initiatives and became a carbon neutral company. They additionally launched several hosting services, data back up services and an e-commerce solution. Eclipse Internet Services are only available to customers connected to a BT line and are therefore not available in Kingston Upon Hull or the Isle of Skye. Eclipse continues to be based in Exeter where it is a major employer. In 2007 it almost doubled its staff level, increasing it from 60 to 112 employees. Eclipse now sells broadband Internet access to about 40,000 customers in the UK. They also offer managed network services to clients including Hamleys and the City of York Council. In 2008 Eclipse was awarded the titles of Best Business ISP and Best Business Email at the 2008 Internet Service Provider awards.

Their website can be found at which has caused some confusion as the tld is not the best known and most people will try the or version expecting the company to own such. Fortunately, the do own the latter and it redirects to the main site which makes you wonder why they didn't stick with that web address in their marketing strategy as they do not own so error entries go to another company's website, the same is true for Though not tried as much, is owned by a different company too but luckily those entering will be greeted with an error page as such web addresses do not exist so you'll be forced off to a search engine where you should be pointed in the right direction.

Eclipse home broadband comprises two types of account. Home broadband offers up to 8Mbps, 2 GB usage allowance per month and free set up and router. Eclipes broadband Evolution offers unlimited downloads. Both packages include an option to add unlimited calls to UK landlines for a small monthly fee. A set up fee applies if you choose a connection on a one-month contract basis although there is no charge if you opt for a 12-month contract. Up to 10 email addresses and 25 MB of web space are included. If you are in an area where you don't have access to a DSL connection, or are a very light user, Eclipse offers a dial up connection. There is an availability checker online so that you can find out easily whether Eclipse broadband is available in your area.

For business users, Eclipse broadband provider offers a range of services including web hosting and mail, phone and mobile office and data security. You can choose between Business broadband, Teleworker broadband, private DSL, SDSL, leased lines or a dial up service. A choice of modems and routers is offered including a wireless adapter for if your devices aren't wireless enabled. The downloadable data sheets and manuals give a full review of all products but if the reviews don't supply the information that you need, you can search Eclipse business broadband online knowledge base. Eclipse state that they are committed to answering all business calls within 60 seconds or less.

Both residential and business accounts can be managed online allowing you to make changes to any aspect of your service, make payments and download your bills. Email can be accessed through Eclipse's website as well as downloaded to your computer, allowing you to have full access to your email when you're on the move. If you experience any problems with your service, you can contact customer services by email or phone. If you raise an online ticket, you can track the progress of your ticket online. Service status is announced in the help section of the website so you get advance notice of any planned downtime for maintenance or upgrades.

We touched upon web address issues earlier but it seems that TLD is not the only issue some of you are having when searching our search facility. Spelling has been a lesser issue than with some, but still common, with eclipes, eclipe, eclipe's and eclips taking the forefront. Don't feel bad though, with the majority of modern companies messing up their own spelling with Fone instead of phone, u instead of you and 4 instead of for I'm surprised anyone still types rather than just grunting at the screen and hoping for the best. Of course, none of the spelling errors will help you find their site with and both being owned by other firms though, as yet, they have not set up services nor are they trying to phish info from you - but be alert! The natural choices for people looking to purchase Eclipse's services is to use the service name - it works for most like AOLBroadband and BTBroadband - but, and are all owned by other companies with only actually redirecting to the site you're looking for. I would admit though, that the number of variants and errors with this company's name is considerably less than most. As always, it is still advisable to bookmark the correct site once you are sure you are on it. Last thing you want is to hand over personal details to the wrong company.

Update 12th May 2008: As of today Eclipse have rebranded their products, they now have:

Business Products:

  • Home Office - 3GB usage, 60 mins FREE Wi-Fi access and 1 email address.
  • Business 20 - 20GB usage and Unlimited email adresses.
  • Business 50 - 50 GB usage and Unlimited email adresses.
  • Business Unlimited - Unlimited usage and Unlimited email adresses.
Residential Products:
  • Home Lite Broadband - 1 GB monthly usage, Up to 8Mbps download speed, FREE to switch and FREE to regrade.
  • Home Select Broadband - 10 GB monthly usage, Up to 8Mbps download speed, FREE to switch and FREE set up & router.
  • Home Pro Broadband - 50 GB monthly usage, Up to 8Mbps download speed, FREE to switch and FREE set up & wireless router.

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