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Though there are specialists in nearly every type of electrical good on the market, many still prefer to find a single store and to stick with them once they establish the quality, not only of the product, but of the service provided when things don't always go according to plan. Here are the top rated retailers that generally have high street stores in the UK aswell, not just a warehouse in Hong Kong. Most of them cover everything from computers, HiFi's and MP3s to all your kitchen appliances:

7 Day Shop Electrical Retailers 7 Day Shop: The name of this site ( no doubt states the obvious without telling you what it's really about. Online shops, barring unforeseen downtime, are invariably open not only seven days a week but also 24 h... 7 Day Shop Reviews >>

Argos Electrical Retailers Argos: "Don't shop for it, Argos it!" Whilst we doubt that people will ever start saying the latter over the former - according to Argos themselves two thirds of the population have an Argos shopping catalogue in their home... Argos Reviews >>

Asda Electrical Retailers Asda: Asda is a UK supermarket chain that sells food, clothing and general merchandise. It became a subsidiary of the American chain Wal-Mart in 1999 and is now the second largest chain in the UK after Tesco. As Wal-Mart's... Asda Reviews >>

BOSE Electrical Retailers BOSE: The Bose range is huge and as each product has been designed individually for a specific purpose it seem only fitting that instead of waffling on about the company's history for a whole page that we take a look at th... BOSE Reviews >>

Co-op Electrical Retailers Co-Op Electrical: A company that is part of the Co-operative Group, which was founded back in 1844, may not seem the obvious choice for geeky and techy products. But in amongst the washing machines and cookers are computers, games con... Co-Op Electrical Reviews >>

Currys Electrical Retailers Currys Digital: The Currys name has been on Britain's high streets since 1888 when the first shop opened in Leicester. It is now well-established in the UK and Ireland, with 295 superstores and 73 high street stores. In 1984, it bec... Currys Digital Reviews >>

Dell Electrical Retailers Dell UK: Although often thought of as one of the newer computer sellers, Dell was actually launched in 1984 with the name PCs Limited. It started in founder Michael Dell's dormitory room with the aim of selling PCs directly t... Dell UK Reviews >>

Electric Shopping Electrical Retailers A site where the home page shows 'Discount Domestic Appliances' in the heading might not seem the most promising place for an ardent geek. However, if you ferret around long enough in the right areas, you're likely t... Reviews >>

HiFiBitz Electrical Retailers HiFiBitz: The site is so called because it supplies bits (or bitz if you're looking to be trendy) for hi-fi systems. And they do like their Zs - there's a 'Best BitZ' section with articles and other items of... HiFiBitz Reviews >>

Kelkoo Electrical Retailers Kelkoo: With a name that apparently derives from the French "Quel cout?" ("At what price?") or "Quel coup" ("What a bargain"), Kelkoo is the biggest e-commerce advertising platform in the UK and Europe. As an e-commerce webs... Kelkoo Reviews >>

Pixmania Electrical Retailers Pixmania: If you access the website, you then get to choose your country from the 26 where the brand is established. It is reckoned to be the largest European consumer electronic products internet store with o... Pixmania Reviews >>

Tesco Electrical Retailers Tesco Direct: Although known mainly as a supermarket chain, Tesco is heading for world domination as it moves into insurance, finance, travel and a host of other diverse activities. Its website ( has groceries, wines... Tesco Direct Reviews >>

Since the inception of the web, electrical goods are by far the most commonly purchased item. As these bulky goods are generally ordered for delivery anyway, it seems only sensible to find the best price online and have it delivered to your door at that price instead of what you local high street retailer would charge you. Unfortunately, these lower prices don't always come without a catch. Amongst the complaints being forwarded to us: terrible customer service, huge delays on delivery, items out of stock but orders still being taken, incorrect products being delivered, used items instead of new and so on seem to be everyday occurrences. So how do you know the difference between these and the quality retailers? A few simple checks can keep you right: 1. Find a phone number on their site and call it, just ask a normal question about the product. This will allow you see that there is someone on the other end of the phone and whether it sounds like an efficient operation. 2. Check their returns policy to make sure that they will refund, not just the price of the product, but delivery as well should there be a problem with the item. With delivery charges upward of £40 you don't want to use someone that, if the item is damaged and you want a refund, will hold on to that £40. 3. Once you've placed an order don't be afraid to phone up the following day to ensure that they received it and that the item is in stock. They are selling you something and making money off of it, I find it strange that people will sometimes leave it a whole week as they "don't want to be a bother". †

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