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BOSE Voucher Discount Codes The Bose range is huge and as each product has been designed individually for a specific purpose it seem only fitting that instead of waffling on about the company's history for a whole page that we take a look at their unique product range.

The most commonly known system is the ACOUSTIC WAVEŽ radio DAB and music system currenty in it's 2nd incarnation. The ACOUSTIC WAVEŽ music system II offers lifelike sound for large spaces, Boses Wave 2 boasts improved functionality and versatility. The waveguide speaker technology is still the basis of this system's performance but an all-new Bose digital platform fine tunes the sound for more accurate, consistent music reproduction even at louder volume levels with the always pressing goal being music production as close to a natural, live-performance setting. The Accoustic Wave music system 2 now plays burned CDs and MP3 CDs as well as regular discs. A headphone jack for private listening has been added with new auxiliary inputs so you can now plug in your own MP3 player and an updated informational display. A variety of accessories such as the optional 5-CD changer is practically a necessity for any music loving home. The system hasn't changed in size so it still fits almost anywhere in the home with the same credit card-sized remote. Whether you pick the Wave radio or the full system you have to admit that the styling could use updating but maybe with the way fashion moves today within the next couple of years this will be back in style all over again!

The Bose headphone range is also quite extensive consisting of Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones which includes the QuietComfort Range (Quite Comfort 2 & 3 headphones) as well as other around-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. The Quiet Comfort 2 headphones offer a combination of noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit for around-ear headphones. With a fold-flat design for easy storage in the slim carrying case they are also lightweight and comfortable. Quiet Comfort 3 headphones are the next step in noise reducing headphones with a new, smaller, lighter design they deliver increased noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit as on-ear headphones. They have a 20 hour rechargeable battery (spare battery included) and an international charger kit. The QuietComfort range is almost identical to the standard around ear and on ear headphones the only difference being that the accoustic noise cancelling function is not included. You can also get high-quality audio from their comfortable in-ear headphone design built with soft silicone tips in three sizes for a personal fit and an angled plug that fits most MP3 players, including the iPod and iPhone, as well as laptops and portable CD and DVD players.

There are two Bose Sounddock models available, the SoundDock Portable digital music system and the SoundDock digital music system ... yes, the names are self explanatory but for those that didn't catch it the idea is that one is portable and the other is fixed in one room. So the important differences that make them this way? The Portable Bose Soundock runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or can plug into wall, the standard sound dock audio system just plugs into the wall. The portable Sounddock is slimmer than the original and has a carry handle and also has a docking station that rotates away into the machine when you're not using it.

The website has many other items for sale such as various computer speakers such as the Bose MusicMonitor and Bose Companion 2, 3 & 5 multimedia speaker systems as well as many accessories. For the ACOUSTIC WAVE you can buy a travel case for the radio or a carry bag for the full music system, a connection kit for the iPod, an under-cabinet / wall bracket, a rechargeable power pack as well as the 5-CD multi changer. For the Quiet Comfort headphones (2 or 3) you can buy a mobile phone connection accessory kig and replacement batteries. For the SoundDock system you can buy a carry bag, rechargeable battery and/or a wall bracket. Additional remotes for all their centres are also available either as replacements or you can get some with additional functions for your music centre. Each bose website differs, such as the website, in what they sell themselves and what you have to source from other retailers, you can find a full list of country websites at the main page. They do have a search function to find a Bose Outlet that sells the product you're looking for though.

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