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Support Line for failing Computer Hackers?

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A Symantec report has suggested that there are more than 100 attacks on computers every second worldwide. Of these, one each 4.5 seconds has a detrimental affect on the computer concerned. The amount of malicious software which was identified by Symantec increased by 71% in 2009 compared to 2008 and 51% of these were first seen in 2009. Tony Osbourne from Symantec has said that much of the rise is down to kits which allow novice cyber criminals an easy way to make their own malware. Some of these kits even offer telephone support for those who have trouble getting them to work. He has also seen evidence of data gathering from social networking sites to target certain individuals.

A new Trojan virus uses a file sharing site known as Winni to infect the user's computer, before placing details of their internet usage on a public website. It will then ask for money to remove the details. The Japanese trojan targets those who download illegal copies of explicit anime games. The trojan takes screen shots of their web history and posts it online within their personal details. Users are then sent instructions of how they can pay £10 to have their details removed from the website. A similar scheme has also been used in Europe which demands £258 to avoid costly court cases. The company involved pose as copyright officials. This company then sells on the credit card details of the person.

The opera browser has topped the iPhone download chart within one day of its release. Apple took three weeks to approve the application and experts suggest the delay was due to it being an alternative to Apple's Safari. Opera have said that the app should work well on the iPad as well. Christen Krogh from Opera has said that they make their revenue from affiliate deals and advertising, which is why it can give away the browser.

The UK release of the iPad has been delayed due to a lack of supply. Disappointed fans will have to wait an extra month due to unprecedented demand in America where it was launched at the beginning of April. More than 500,000 units have been sold in the US. Online orders for the UK version will be taken from May 10 and the iPad will arrive at the end of May. Prices will be confirmed when the online orders can be taken.

The GeeknRolla event is being held this week at a Waterloo hotel. The event offers 15 firms the chance to gave a three minute speech on their innovative technology ideas to a group of 400 venture capitalists. The audience will then grill them on the product in a Dragon Den style interview. The event is backed by Micosoft and Channel 4 as well as other investment firms. In the evening the attendees will be treated to a party where indie bands will play. The organisers say that the online start-up is experiencing a resurgence and people believe they can do it themselves if they have a good idea.

The UK technology Strategy Board is to invest up to £30m in five new research and development competitions. The competitions are designed to improve the development and uptake of technology designed to reduce carbon emissions, help an ageing population and increase the speed at which new innovations reach the market. The five competitions are smart grids, smart meters, economic and business modelling, social and behavioural studies, nuclear power, building evaluation and designs for future climate.

A report published by the CBI in Wales has found that the region is missing out on opportunities to take part in the low carbon market. Their report Blueprint for a Green Economy call for new strategies. They say that companies in Wales need more targeted support particularly if they deliver carbon emission reductions. They also suggest a reform of the planning system, vouchers to stimulate research and help to make energy saving at home more affordable. They want to promote collaboration between businesses and universities. It urges that simple technology such as insulation are beyond the budget of many households in Wales and that the Government need to create incentives for the development of technologies in the area to make it cheaper.

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