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Google Bans Microsoft Windows

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The iPad was launched in the UK on Friday and as expected the queues were long and the atmosphere frenzied. The launch which was mirrored by similar scenes around the world has pushed sales of the gadget to beyond two million. Initial sales in the UK were only from Apple stores and outlets of Dixons, which includes some Curry's and PC World stores. Other retailers are having to wait ten weeks before they can stock the iPad. Steve Jobs of Apple has apologised to fans for having to wait for the launch in the UK due to unprecedented demand in the US. He says that the company is working hard to build more units to improve supply. Apple has also overtaken Microsoft as the worlds biggest technology company this week, thanks to gadgets such as the iPhone and the iPad.

The Dell Streak Tablet is to be free to customers who sign up to a contract with O2. The tablet computer which is being seen as a rival to the iPad will be launched on Friday 4th June will be available for £25 a month or £35 a month with unlimited data. The retail price will be £429. the tablet is android based and contains a built in camera and can make phone calls, two things which the iPad lacks. However the screen is smaller.

Google has announced it will be launching the world wide web on the television. Google TV technology will allow users to watch TV while browsing the web, flicking between the two at any time. Backed by Sony, Google is working with Intel and Logitech to bring out TV sets, set top boxes and remotes which will give an integrated service. The browser will be Google Chrome and access to social networking sites will be standard. Use of this system will mean Google will have control over search functionality, bringing in more profit for the company. The sets are expected to go on sale in the US towards the end of the year and will be available in the UK next year. Similar systems do already exist, but only work with limited success.

It has emerged that Google is banning its employees from running Windows due to security issues. Workers are being asked to use Chrome, Apples OSX or Linux. The move follows hacking attempts at Google's Chinese operation earlier this year. Members of staff who still wish to use Windows have to gain security clearance from senior levels. Most staff have decided to use the MAC OS. Google's Chinese operation was targeted by an attempt to hijack Gmail accounts of human rights activists. Google responded by saying they would pull out of the country unless they were allowed to continue uncensored. The Chinese government denied any involvement.

Graham Poll, the former World Cup referee has criticised the decision by UEFA to employ more goal-line referees rather than use technology. He says that it is impossible for a person to be 100% accurate and that the use of goal-line technology and instant replays would be a good alternative to some of the incorrect decisions which have been made in the past. He is disappointed that officials do not want to trial such a system. has revealed the worst and most embarrassing gadgets which people will admit to having purchased. For most people these were purchases made in the early days of the device, before the downsides were fully known. Among their list is the Amstrad emailer, the phone with limited email capacity which was accessed via the home phone line. This proved very expensive to use. Hot on the heels of this device is the bluetooth headset. Brought out to be used while driving, the headset began to be used by people as they walked down the street making them look like they were talking to themselves. Another on the list is any tee-shirt which lights up. With batteries hidden in a pocket, the shirts are now considered to be pretty naff. And finally the mini-disc player, a device which really went nowhere fast. Before this gadget could really take-off, Apple came along and stole the market for small portable music devices right out from under Sony's feet.

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