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Gamestation Online Store: Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, PS 2 & 3 Game Station

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Gamestation Voucher Discount Codes If you're a dedicated gamer, this website obviously worth a look. In fact, the company reckons it's the UK's fastest growing retailer of video and computer games.

The site offers a huge range of games of all types and for various platforms. These platforms include PCs, the latest versions of the most popular consoles, hand-held devices and retro formats for which you might struggle to find games. Both new and pre-used games are available and the company does promise trade-in prices that nobody beats ... of course, there isn't a whole load of great competition in this area over and above eBay. However, unlike eBay, you're going to have to visit one of their 240 plus stores if you want to offload some games you no longer play. There is a store locator on the site so you can find the nearest one.

The home page features top selling games plus imminent releases you can pre-order. There are also usually some bundles available so you can buy a console plus some games to play on it. If you're wanting to find a particular game, you can search by keyword or list what's available for a particular platform. Obviously the consoles covered at the games station are Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii, DS and DS lite as well as the Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and PSP.

It's not just games and consoles on offer, with all sorts of accessories available such as headsets and controllers. There are also various toys and gadgets, electronics such as iPods and TVs, computing equipment that includes modems, routers and USB memory, films on DVD and Blu-ray and game-themed clothing and merchandise so you can show your support for your favourite game or console. A whole lot of the items are listed with the description '(Cool Stuff)', which probably means something to someone.

With such a range of categories you're probably wondering why we haven't featured Game Station in the digital camera or MP3 players categories of our directory. Well, when we looked at the website (note that is a completely different company) there was only 9 digital cameras available and 20 MP3 players. Not exactly a wide range of choice. They were also "boasting" about a saving of £0.84 on £150+ iPods for sale over their RRP ... that kind of took them out of the running for retailers we'd list for such products.

On the web address note, where shockingly the dot com has not been picked up, the same goes for commonly expected variants such as and which are all owned by a different company. The endless list of typing errors showing up in our search logs, eg. gamestaion, gamesation or gamstation was therefore not even worth checking. Simply assume that you might end up doing it wrong and book mark the right site instead if you plan on coming back. Whilst this is no-where near as much of a risk as if a bank or credit card company were to miss them, it's still strange and slightly unhelpful. Although, many of the variants displayed advertisements for Gamesstation's competitors so that might be good for consumers? ;)

Gamestations success is put down to the fact that its staff are ardent gamers. This means they know about what you want and are able to offer help and advice. Some of the customer reviews do reflect this with comments about fast delivery and friendly service. However, there are an equal number that consider the service to be poor, so you pay your money and take your choice.

Gamestation is a trading name of Gameplay (GB) Ltd., which has its registered office in Basingstoke and a contact address in York. The company was bought by its nearest rival, Game Group plc, in May 2007 for £74 million. However, the Office of Fair Trading referred the acquisition to the Competition Commission due to concerns that the tie-up would result in a substantial decrease in competition that could lead to increased prices and a reduced service. The two companies had been each other's closest competitors up to the time of the deal.

After a three month investigation, the Commission cleared the acquisition, ruling that there was sufficient competition from internet retailers, supermarkets and independent stores, with the level of competition likely to increase. The deal brought the total number of UK and Irish outlets to 627 although the two brands have continued to trade independently.

One way the combined business tries to gain an advantage over its rivals is by signing exclusive deals to sell special editions of particular games. These have included a limited edition of Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360, an exclusive version of Tony Hawk: RIDE and the Assassin's Creed White Edition.

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