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HiFi Bitz UK for Hi Fi & Home Cinema Equipment

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HiFiBitz Voucher Discount Codes The site is so called because it supplies bits (or bitz if you're looking to be trendy) for hi-fi systems. And they do like their Zs - there's a 'Best BitZ' section with articles and other items of information, some of which are pushing new products. When you buy anything, you automatically become part of the BitZClub scheme, where you get pointz for poundz spent.

If having to wade through all these Zzzz's doesn't put you to sleep, you'll find the company specialises in supplying hi-fi and home cinema equipment. The Hi-fi Separates section has everything you need to build a system, with cassette decks, CD players, amplifiers, tuners and turntables plus cleaning materials to keep it all clean and tidy. There are also categories for a large range of speakers of various types together with complete home cinema systems and TV sets. You can buy cables, accessories and furniture to hold it all.

The company reckons it has over 2000 products online (although this seems to be a figure from 2003 as we've seen their circulating marketing material which stated over 2500 products) covering 130 brands. These brands range from well known manufacturers to the more specialised brands. There is a full list of manufacturers so you can see what they have to offer. A Sale section generally has various items on special offer and all quoted prices include VAT and delivery to a UK address. Orders can be placed by telephone as well as online and you can contact customer services on a different number.

To help you out, there are buyer's guides so you can choose the correct equipment and a glossary in case some of the terms are unfamiliar. The Award Winners section doesn't, as you might expect, list the company's own achievements but instead shows award winning products, some of which it stocks. That way, you can find a product that's won an award and link to its entry on the website.

HiFiBitZ was originally the trading style of a company called Maximum Systems Ltd., which apparently went out of business around 2006. It is now owned by VBA Ltd., which is based in Bolton and runs Sound & Vision. Their website ( seems to have a similar range of products to HiFiBitZ with general trading terms and conditions also being about the same.

Reviews of the company tend to be extremes that reflect individual customer experiences. Some refer to superb prices, excellent service and advice from knowledgeable staff. Others have had incorrect or faulty products supplied and complain of poor service. One gripe is that products are only delivered to the same address as that for your payment card, but such is generally the situation with many other suppliers.

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