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LeoMobile - Leo Mobile Voucher Discount Codes Leo Mobile is a weekly subscription service that offers up to 14 downloads to each customer in their first week of joining. All you have to do is supply your mobile number. Leomobile doesn't need personal information, bank account or credit card details. Your weekly subscription continues unless you decide to cancel by sending a text to Leo. You're billed through SMS premium and can register for the service online at The fee is payable every week whether or not you actually download any content that week. Extra downloads are charged on a one-off basis. When you first join, you're entitled to 35 complimentary text messages per week. When you log on to Leo mobile, you can check how many credits you have remaining for that week. Once you've subscribed, you have unlimited access to everything that Leo mobile's website has to offer.

Registration is easy. All you have to do is select the product you want, select your mobile phone model, click on the product and insert your mobile number in the section "I'm not a member. Register now". You simply follow the instructions, after which you get a password to login and download the product you've chosen. To be able to receive downloads you need to make sure that the WAP settings on your phone are configured correctly. Depending on what type of mobile you own, this could mean setting the WAP Push setting to "on", "allow all", "always" or "receive all". Most modern phones are capable of downloading Leo mobile's products, but it can be a good idea to check your mobile's manual before choosing to download. When black and white logos or monophonic ringtones are sent to your mobile, you simply need to choose "save" Ringtones, games and colour wallpapers can't be sent by SMS so you will receive a download link. When you click on this link, the download process will begin. When the download is complete you need to save it.

Every week, you get twelve credits to download content of your choice. You can choose from a wide selection of content including the latest Realtone chart toppers, Leo mobile games and celebrity sounds as well as non premium content such as polyphonics and wallpaper. There are thousands of ringtones, java games and mobile applications available from Leo mobiles, and Leo mobile's database is updated constantly with the latest hits, games, sound effects and sexy pictures.

You can also request text alerts offering Leo mobile's trivia, quotes and jokes. Or you can have sex tips, health news, news as to what's cool and what's not and have your destiny texted to you. The wide selection of games includes action, adventure, puzzles, sport and strategy and there's a selection of videos you can download. The huge collection of wallpaper and screensavers in Leo's mobiles contains something for everyone.

Premium content costs 4 credits for each download compared to 1 credit for non premium content. You can mix your Leo mobiles downloads any way that you want. If you have any unused credits at the end of the week, Leos mobile rolled the over to the following weeks.

To use Leomobile's service you need to be over sixteen years old and have your mobile bill payer's permission. If you have any problems with the service, you can call the customer help line or send a message via Leo mobile's website which is located at, note that and are owned by other people so bookmark the site if you want to return later to avoid getting sidetracked by a different firm. Same goes for, and even though they seem to be owned by Leo Mobile and redirect to the right site at the moment you never know.

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