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Kaspersky Labs Internet Security Anti-Virus Software Online

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Kaspersky Lab Voucher Discount Codes As a committed techy, you'll know all about the dangers of the internet. You'll know of the damage that viruses can cause, about how annoying adware can be and that spyware can steal your bank account data and other personal information. You'll know, therefore, that you need proper, reputable protection before you can even think about connecting to the internet.

Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs is certainly one of the most respected developers of security software. It has been established since 1997, which is a long time for this type of business, and founder Eugene Kaspersky was producing anti-virus software for a number of years before then (yep, pre-internet!). What this means is that the company, which now has 1,500 specialised employees, 250 million users and operates in over 100 countries, has built up a lot of experience in how to protect computers against threats.

The company's reputation is such that its anti-virus engine is used by numerous other security businesses while more than 120 firms have licensed its technology. It has also won a lot of awards and accreditations. It frequently receives top marks from independent testing organisations, such as Austrian research laboratory AV-Comparatives. One of its latest products, Internet Security 2010, has received a five star rating from ComputerActive magazine.

The Internet Security product is part of the company's Home and Small Office range and incorporates a firewall as well as providing protection against all threats. New features include security rating of unknown programs and virtualisation to test questionable websites in isolation. If you've already got a firewall, you can save money by just installing the Anti-Virus product, although other features are omitted and you need to check what you need. There's also Mobile Security to provide protection for your smart phone. The Internet Security and Anti-Virus products come with a 14 day money back guarantee (at time of writing this) so you can try them out with confidence.

Download an upgrade to Kaspersky 2007, 2008, 2009 to the new 2010 version of their anti virus software or upgrade from 6.0 or 7.0 to 8.0 of the Mobile Security program. You can buy an Internet Security CD (with antispam) from Kaspersky labs online through their website or just a license for an already installed/downloaded product. Either way, costs are pretty much similar - but having a back up disk to re-install when things go pear-shaped with your computer is always advisable in our opinion.

On the business side of things, there's Open Space Security to cover networks with remote users and Targeted Security for coverage of specific components of a network. All business products have support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 release 2. The website offers a free evaluation so you download and run a trial version of all products for a thirty day period before spending any money.

Identifying and blocking rogue sites can be a tricky business, as the company found out when adware firm Zango mounted a legal challenge to its software being put on the malware list. Symantec and McAfee had similarly identified the software as malware and a court ruling upheld the company's right to classify it as it wished. This ruling was upheld on appeal and Zango has apparently since gone out of business. Nevertheless, users can adjust the settings to let such software through if they wish.

Residential or corporate, antivirus or antispam - there will be a Karspersky lab product available and tailored for you to buy. Most software licenses will last a year (which includes downloads of updates and upgrades to your current version) but that's standard across most AV providers.

Navigating to the site seems easy enough. Even if you type in to the browser bar, it seems to guess where you coming from - as we were redirected to the website. Of course, they need to have a pretty up to date database to work from as I'm sure many AOL users have been misdirected by such guesses! Watch out for those mis-spellings though - things like will get you to a site not owned by the company and is the same. Best to enter the name in a search engine if your unsure and on your way back to avoid getting lost. Google will correct you ... smart-arse that it is ... ;)

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