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Funny Gadgets Looking to buy an iPhone in the UK, but aren't sure how to find a service plan for your iPhone? There are several cell service carriers in the UK that offer service for the iPhone:

One of the most commonly used service providers is O2. O2 provides several affordable service plans for the Apple iPhone, depending on how many calls you will make and receive, and how many of your calls will be placed during night and weekend hours. O2 also provides wireless service for your iPhone, so you will be able to browse the internet to find new media while you are on the go. So if you are thinking about buying an iPhone in the UK, contact O2 to buy your iPhone and set up a service plan staying connected has never been easier!

Apple themselves do sell the iPhone individually but even on their own homepage they recommend going directly to the O2 website to make your purchase otherwise you will simply have to go there afterward to purchase a sim card, either PAYG (pay-as-you-go) or monthly contract. Pricing for the actual phone itself is exactly the same no matter which way round you do it.

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