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iPod FM Transmitters for Nano, Shuffle, Touch & Classic i-Pods

Funny Gadgets I remember taking the good part of a week to upload and sort through the music on my MP3 player only to have to go through the entire process again on with my next MP3, these days a few clicks will get you straight onto your newest gadget thanks to compatibility adapters and external software packages. Here are a few of the docks necessary to keep your iPod enjoyment flowing peacefully:

iPod Docks Apple Universal Dock: If you use an Apple iPod, then you know that charging and syncing iPods with a USB cable can be a cumbersome task, particularly if you are charging it via a desktop PC or Mac computer, where the available USB ports are located on the back of the unit. One solution that can make this task easier for you is the Apple Universal Dock.

The Universal Dock gives you a convenient base for your iPod - simply select the correct adapter for your iPod model, load your iPod into the dock, and it will immediately begin charging and syncing your iPod with your iTunes music and video library. The Apple Universal Dock includes adapters that will accommodate any iPod except the iPod Shuffle.

Also, the Apple Universal Dock gives you the ability to play your iPod music through your home stereo, or through a set of attached speakers. The dock contains a built in line out port that you can use to connect your dock to an audio output source, so you can listen to your favorite music throughout your house.

So if you're looking for a convenient way to charge and sync your iPod, while being able to enjoy your downloaded music in your home, you need look no further than the Apple Universal Dock.

Apple IPod Nano Dock (1st Generation): If you have an iPod Nano, one of the most useful accessories you can purchase to streamline your media listening experience is the Apple iPod Nano dock. This sleek accessory gives you a convenient way to charge you iPod, and synch it with your iTunes media library.

You will no longer have to reach behind your home PC or Mac computer to plug your iPod into a USB port. Simply set the unit in the docking station, and it will begin to charge - the dock is compatible with all models of Nano iPods.

Not only does the Apple iPod Nano dock give you an easy way to charge and synch your portable media player, it also gives you a simple way to enjoy music stored on your iPod on your home stereo system as well. The dock has a stereo line out jack built in, so all you have to do is connect a ps2 cable from the dock to your stereo, and you will be able to enjoy clear, high quality music on your home stereo.

So if you want to make using your iPod even easier, while having a simple way to play music from your iPod on your home stereo, the iPod Nano dock is an inexpensive solution that will enhance your iPod owning experience.

Apple IPod Nano Dock (2nd Generation): If are looking for a quick and easy way to charge and sync your 2nd generation Apple iPod Nano, one of the best and least expensive solutions that you will find is the Apple iPod Nano dock.

The Apple iPod Nano dock eliminates the problem of having to reach around to the back of your computer to find a USB port every time you want to charge and sync your iPod Nano. Instead of connecting your iPod to your Mac or PC via the standard charging cable included with packaged iPods, you simply have to load your iPod into the dock, and it will automatically begin to charge your unit, while updating it with any changes to your iTunes music library. This can save a great deal of time and frustration, and help you make sure that your iPod is always fully charged and updated.

The iPod Nano dock also gives you a convenient way to play music stored on your iPod through your home stereo - the dock contains a stereo output port that can be used to run a cable from your dock to your home stereo. Then, while your iPod is charging, you can listen to all of your favorite music throughout your home.

Apple iPod Shuffle Dock: Are you looking for a convenient way to recharge your Ipod Shuffle? It's true that you can plug your Apple iPod Shuffle directly into your Mac or PC to recharge and sync. But, let's face it, with all the computer gadgets that are out there today, sometimes there isn't a readily available port. Or maybe your desk is already jammed full and there simply isn't any room to plug your iPod in.

Well, look no further. The Apple iPod Shuffle dock holds iPods securely in place to minimize desk space. It also has an extra long, high speed USB cable that gives plenty of cord to access your Mac or PC's USB port at the back of the computer.

The Apple iPod Shuffle Dock works for Shuffles only and cannot be used for other iPods. But, it is perfect for charging your Apple iPod Shuffle.

The Apple iPod Shuffle Dock can be purchased for as low as 25.00 and a 1 year warranty can be purchased from most iPod sellers.

So are you ready to charge and sync your iPod securly and safely, without taking up valuable desk space? Then what are you waiting for? Go pick up an Apple iPod Shuffle Dock today!

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