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iPod FM Transmitters for Nano, Shuffle, Touch & Classic i-Pods

Funny Gadgets These days (as usual being many years late!) more and more cars are coming off the production line with access points to plug your ipod directly into your car stereo. Considering it is just a tiny socket that was required I would have expected manufacturers to adapt much quicker but still some have not - I even saw a cassette player in brand new car yesterday ... Wow! To help you fit your iPod into your lifestyle no matter what car you own there is an absolutely huge range of FM transmitters available to keep your life simple as you travel:

iPod FM Adapters Griffin ITrip Auto FM Transmitter: Playing Apple iPods in a car can be a difficult proposition - most car stereos that come factory installed in your automobile do not include input ports for your iPod. Those that do often have the input jacks located in inconvenient places (the current Toyota Camrys, for example, have the input port located at the back of the CD storage bin directly behind the gear shift).

The Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter helps you quickly and easily solve this problem without having to replace your car's stereo. The iTrip includes a high quality FM transmitter that allows your iPod to be played on any blank radio station setting. This means that you can listen to any music you have downloaded from your home PC or Mac while you are taking a long trip, or just driving around town.

Not only will the iTrip play your iPod music, it will also let you charge your iPod while you are driving, too. The iTrip includes a cigarette lighter adapter that keeps your iPod charged, so you don't have to worry about draining your iPod's power during a long trip.

The iTrip Transmitter can be purchased for about £30 - a small investment for the power this adapter will give you to listen to your downloaded music wherever you go!

Belkin TuneBase FM for iPod with Video: Do you enjoy playing music and video on your Apple iPod while you are on the go, but wish you could listen to music downloaded from your PC or Mac computer while you were driving, as well? Playing your iPod in the car can be a bit of a challenge, since many factory installed car stereos do not have an input jack for an iPod, and those that do tend to have then in places that are difficult to reach.

The Belkin TuneBase FM for iPod can provide a powerful yet affordable solution to this problem. Rather than play throuch a dedicated input jack, the Belkin TuneBase plays iPods via an FM transmitter. All you have to do is find an available FM station, and you will be able to enjoy your iPod's library through your car stereo.

The Tunebase also features a flexible arm, so you can reposition your iPod while you are driving - a very useful feature if you have a passenger that also wants to select some of the musical choices.

The TuneBase opens up a world of possibilities for listening to your music in your car, yet costs less than £80 USD. This can be one of the most useful accessories you can own for your iPod.

Griffin RoadTrip Fm Transmitter and Charger for IPod: Playing music that you have downloaded from your home PC or Mac computer to your Apple iPod can be a challenge for many owners of iPods - the stereo systems in many automobiles either do not have an iPod compatible jack, or if they do, the jacks are often inconveniently located. Rplacing the stereo in your car can be a costly option, and if your car is leased, and impossible one.

With the Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter and charger, you can play audio files from your iPod on any car stereo, whether it has an iPod input port or not. You simply load your iPod into the RoadTrip's cradle, plug the unit into your car's cigarette lighter, and select a blank station on your stereo's AM/FM tuner. The RoadTrip unit will play songs stored on your iPod, while charging the unit at the same time.

Many devices that run through a stereo's AM/FM tuner produce low quality results - at best, you get audio quality that is equivalent to an FM station. With the RoadTrip, however, you get CD quality sound - perfect for any extended trip when you need lots of music to keep you going. At less than £40, the Roadtrip is a convenient and inexpensive alternative to replacing your car's stereo to be able to listen to your iPod while you are on the road.

Kensington IPod FM Transmitter Auto Kit for IPod: Do you wish you could use your iPod to play music on your car stereo while you are driving, but don't have an available iPod port in your car stereo? The Kensington iPod FM Transmitter Auto kit can let you play music you have downloaded on your Apple iPod from your home PC or Mac computer, without the need for an iPod input port. Instead of connecting directly to your car's stereo, the Kensington iPod FM Transmitter plays your downloaded songs through the stereo's AM/FM tuner. The transmitter's ClearFM technology ensures that you will have CD quality sound, instead of the poor FM quality sound you get from most transmitters that play through your stereo's AM/FM tuner. The auto kit also includes a cradle that allows you to easily display your iPod's viewing screen, so you can tell at a glance what's playing.

In addition to giving you an easy way to play songs from your iPod in your car, the Auto Kit also allows you to charge your iPod unit while you are driving, ensuring that you'll never run out of battery power on a long trip. And when you get to your destination, you'll have a fully charged iPod to help you get through your day.

Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter: Listening to your downloaded or recorded music in your car can be a frustrating proposition. You can play CDs on an in-dash CD player, but then you have to worry about scratching or breaking your CDs, and looking for a CD while you are driving is not an entirely safe proposition. One of the most versatile alternatives to playing CDs in your car is the Belkin TuneCast II FM transmitter.

The Belkin Tune Cast can play nearly all types of media devices through your car's audio AM/FM tuner - the input jacks can handle media from your Apple iPod, portable CD player, or even your PC or Mac laptop computer. Not only that, but it broadcasts a clear, strong signal to play through your car's AM/FM tuner, so you can enjoy CD quality music on your car stereo. Also, if the TuneCast does not detect a signal from an input media device for 60 seconds, it automatically shuts off, giving you a longer battery life and more playing time.

The TuneCast gives you a convenient way to play iPods and other portable electronic devices on your car's stereo, without the cumbersome installation required by other FM tuners. And, at less than £30, it is an inexpensive way to open up new possibilities for enjoying your favorite music while you are on the road.

Kensington QuickSeek IPod FM Transmitter: If you are looking for a way to enjoy the songs in your car that you have downloaded from your home PC or Mac computer to your Apple iPod, then you have probably found that there are several products on the market today that will play iPods through a car stereo's AM/FM tuner. However, using one of these accessories usually means that you have to search for an available FM station - if you are traveling a long distance, this means that you may have to adjust your car stereo's tuner several times during the trip.

With the Kensington QuickSeek iPod FM Transmitter, you'll never have to worry about finding an empty station. The QuickSeek automatically finds and selects the clearest empty station for you, so your downloaded songs will come through loud and clear.

In addition to giving you a convenient way to play your iPod music through your car stereo, the Kensington QuickSeek also charges your iPod for you while you are driving - no more running out of power in the middle of a car trip.

At less than £100, the QuickSeek is one of the most useful accessories you can buy for your iPod, especially if you depend on your iPod for music while you are driving.

ProSoft TuneTech for IPod: If you have invested a significant amount of time and money into building your music collection to download from your PC or Mac to your Apple iPod, then you will want to be able to protect your music files from accidental deletion or corruption. Losing your music files would be a significant loss, not only in terms of the time and money spent, but also in terms of the irreplaceability of some of your more obscure music files.

ProSoft Tune Tech for IPod can be a valuable software resource to help you eliminate the risk of permanently losing your music files on your iPod. This software works to recover files that have been damaged or corrupted on your iPod, as well as music that has been accidentally deleted from your iPod's hard drive. It scans the content of the files on iPods to correct damaged elements and recover lost or deleted files.

Pro Soft TuneTech also works to minimize the wear and tear on your iPod's hard drive by optimizing the music files according to your preferences - this reduces wear and tear by making your iPod search less frequently for the correct music files. The investment that you make in this software (usually under £60) can easily pay for itself in terms of increasing the life span of your portable media device.

XtremeMac AirPlay Boost FM for iPod with Video: If you have been looking for an easy way to play your Apple iPod with video while you are driving in your car, then you may know that there are a number of FM transmitters available that will allow you to play your iPod through your car stereo's AM/FM tuner. But how do you choose among them - which one is the easiest to use, and provides a strong, clear signal so you can enjoy all of the songs you have downloaded from your home PC or Mac computer?

The XtremeMac AirPlay Boost FM is one of the most user friendly choices for playing iPods through a stereo tuner. Setting up the Airplay is a snap - just insert the iPod into the tuner's cradle, set the Airplay and your stereo's tuner to the same available station, and play your iPod as usual. The Xtreme Mac Air Play's external antenna ensures that you will have a strong, clear signal, optimizing the sound quality of your music.

The Airplay also has three programmable stereo presets, so that you can easily recall the clearest available frequencies for playing your iPod's music. These features make the Airplay one of the easiest choices for FM transmitters available today.

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