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Pitchwell - PitchTV Voucher Discount Codes Sorry to say, but Pitchwell seem to have gone in to liquidation. Check out their homepage though for a rather good speech on the problems!

The Pitchwell Group Ltd sell a range of innovative and time saving products including kitchen and household, gifts, toys, DIY, beauty and gadgets. The majority of their products are offered on a UK exclusive basis and aren't available elsewhere. The company was set up by Hasfa Abubacker in 2004. Abubacker started as a runner for Talk TV before moving to The Big Breakfast's legal department. After putting together commercials for teleshopping channels she was inspired to create Pitch TV when working as product manager for a Sky shopping channel. At first, she focussed on selling airtime but within three months had begun to license products direct from suppliers. After visiting the Ideal Home Exhibition and seeing live demonstrations of products, Abubacker developed the technique of, instead of using actors following a script, letting demonstrators do their selling in front of a live audience. Her husband David Bredow took charge of the commercial side and Abubacker set up the Pitchwell Group to put together commercials to sell products on television shopping channels.

As Pitchwell shopping made a profit from its first year, Abubacker took the next step of acquiring two shopping channels from Express Newspapers. Pitch TV is the UK's first shopping channel to use real demonstrators in front of a live audience. It was launched on Sky Channels 636 and 647 in October 2005. The Pitch Well TV show introduces one or two new products a week and runs what is effectively a 24-hour shop window. Customers ring an outsourced call centre, but everything else is run in-house.

As mentioned previously, Pitch TV uses demonstrators rather than actors and no scripts and all demonstrations are filmed in front of a live audience. The company has become renowned for innovation through demonstration with its showcasing of unique and original products that are designed to make life simpler. Pitch TV shopping now owns five PitchTV shows including Pitch TV plus, which comprise 24 hour shopping and entertainment channels and third party airtime so that it broadcasts over 150 hours per day across UK satellite, freeview and cable platforms. If you prefer shopping online PitchTV has a website at but please note that neither, or even are owned by Pitchwell, nor are they affiliated with them. Products are divided into several different categories - spring bonanza, cooking 'n' cleaning, for the kids, pressies and treats, home, garden and car, space and time savers and looking after yourself. You can buy products ranging from a steam travel iron or window wizard to nail kits or children's colouring pens. Using the search box that appears on each page of the website makes it easy to find precisely the item you're lookiing for. Each product has a detailed review plus a video online that demonstrates the item. Best sellers are listed in a separate section of the website so that you can see what everyone else is buying. Special offers are featured regularly and you can often obtain a discount code that enables you to buy products even more cheaply.

Only a single delivery charge is made, however many products you order. Delivery is usually made within 14 days, but for an additional charge you can request express delivery, which takes 2 to 3 working days. Pitchwell TV accepts most credit and debit cards and payments can be processed online, cheques and cash payments aren't accepted. You need to be at least 18 years old to place an order. If you're under 18 you can only place an order under the supervision of a parent or a guardian. A 24-hour customer support line and an order line are open for any queries. The product support department is open during working hours. Normally, Pitchwell only delivers within the mainland UK but customer services will occasionally arrange for deliveries elsewhere if you contact them by email or phone. Most products come with a manufacturer's warranty, usually for 12 months. Pitchwell operate a 14 or 30 day returns policy, depending on the precise item, so you can try the product and return it if necessary with the obvious exceptions of opened pre-recorded DVDs, CDs, minidiscs, games and software etc. You also have the right to cancel your order within 7 calendar days and authorised returns must be made within 14 days.

The website also features a link to Pitch Gaming on Sky Channel 848 from 7 pm to 3 am. You can play live on TV or online. A number of different games are on offer from roulette through board games such as Monopoly, slot games, instants, video poker, lucky Keno and a selection of free mobile games. The same username and password can be used on TV and online. The service is intended for UK customers only who are over the age of 18. Support is available for customers, A VIP club is free to join and offers exclusive merchandising, bonus cash and more prizes.

As mentioned before, many of the variations you would expect of their website address are not owned by the official company, not even the UK version of their official site i.e. with, and all belonging to other firms. And even though there has been some attempt by them to get a hold of "TV" versions of their name (they are a television channel after all!) the only ones they seem to have gotten hold of are and Beware, as many of the variants they do not own use language and page titles that seem to indicate an affiliation with the official company such as,, and but as these are owned by completely different individuals relying on such to help you with navigation to the correct site is not advisable and, as always, once you find the right site you should really bookmark it if you plan on coming back later as the last thing you want is to hand personal details over to the wrong company. Obviously with the use of PitchTV as their teleshopping branding and the company being called Pitchwell mistakes are going to be commonplace so keep a watchful eye.

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