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Centre for "Technology Addiction" Opens Up

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The Capio Nightingale Hospital in London has become the first UK location for "technology addicts" to get over their addiction. Dr Richard Graham is the hospital's Lead Young Persons Technology Addiction Consultant and says that those who become irritable when away from their gadgets need treatment. People who have a preoccupation with accessing networking sites or who prioritise this over other things have a problem he says. The treatment lasts 28 days and hopes to teach the addicts how to use technology in a safe way and to control their use.

The makers of the Opera Mini Browser have officially submitted it to the App Store to be stocked alongside Apples own browser. Opera have said they can see no reason why their browser, which the most popular for smartphones, should be rejected by Apple. The Opera browser is capable of faster download speeds and cuts data traffic by 90% according to its makers. This would be attractive for ISP's as the iPhone traffic causes them problems.

The National Trust have also released a new iPhone app which has been launched to help people work out an itinerary of their journey, with places to visit along the way. The app will give information on opening times, car parking and how to get there. Philip Ludgate from the National Trust points out that no matter where the user is in the country they will never be more than 40 miles from a National Trust property. He says they are keen to hear what people think of the app and are willing to make it more user friendly if required. The app is free and available from the App Store.

Bexley Council on the border of London and Kent have signed a £7m, 10 year deal with Siemens to provide the worlds top CCTV technology. It is the first of its kind in the UK and is utilising rapidly improving technology in the field. The system features auto tracking to follow incidents and will automatically zone out private areas such as peoples windows. The previous banks of screens have been replaced by large flat screen computer screens. Bexley Council hope the new system will help them win contracts to allow them to monitor other cameras using their new facilities. The council hope it will reduce the fear of crime in the area.

Virgin have secured a number of Android based handsets for sale in the UK. The Google Android allows for the best in mobile browsing and offer thousands of apps and games. The new Samsung Galaxy Portal, the HTC Desire and the Sony Xperia X10 will all be available in the next few weeks. Virgin will be offering a range of competitive tariffs and fast internet speeds.

A survey conducted by Endis, a Christian technology company has found that church websites are not very effective. They say that the websites tend to focus on what is happening inside the church and not on encouraging new visitors to come to the church. Of the 120 churches which responded to the survey they found that only half offer the reader any background on religion, assuming that those reading will already know this information. Only 25% provided testimonies of people who had become members of the church. The most popular churches utilised forums and first hand stories. They also steered clear of Christian jargon.

Research by Amadeus has found that 74% of travel agents do not provide a mobile phone service for their clients despite 89% of their clients finding missed flights and cancellations very stressful. 42% of agents said that the mobile was the most important tool for travellers. The research follows the launch of Checkmytrip by Amadeus. The mobile application will allow users to check travel times, weather, city guides and connections.

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