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Eighties Nostalgia Hits the Gadget Market

Funny Gadgets

Gadgets which first hit the shops in the eighties are now selling for incredible prices according to The Mirror this week. The Stylophone organ can now be sold for £50 if it is in it's original box, while the early calculator, the Sinclair Executive can fetch £120. Even old games such as Simon, Speak and Spell and Pacman can be sold for anything from £11 to £30. Televisions shaped like astronauts helmets which were built by JVC can be bought for £50, but rare versions with clocks and radios can achieve £500. Finally old Walkman's or Discman's in mint condition and sporting the right serial numbers can be sold for hundreds of pounds. Time to have a clear out in the loft ...

Two travellers from the UK have been detained in India for being in possession of "suspicious gadgets". Stephen Hampton and Steven Martin were detained by the Intelligence Bureau earlier this week for carrying around high tech binoculars, aircraft tracking devices and maps. The arrest came after Delhi was on high alert following a a blast in Pune over the weekend. The police were notified by staff at the Raddisson Hotel, where the pair were staying, that they seemed to acting suspiciously, having asked to access the terrace to watch planes at the nearby Indira Ghandi International Airport. It was found that the pair had been intercepting conversations between air traffic controllers and pilots.

The Highways Agency's National Traffic Control Centre has released an iPhone app to help motorists plan their journeys and avoid congestion on the road. The app will work out where the user is, advise of any roadworks, display live traffic updates and will even tune into the Highways Agency's own radio network to give further updates. Simon Sheldon-Wilson from the agency commented that the free tool should have the added benefit of reducing congestion and lowering emissions. This app is in addition to the mobile version of the agency's website, which they advise people to check during their breaks from driving.

Fujitsu has secured a major deal with the Department for Work and Pensions and is aiming to transform the way UK staff use their desktops. The company will provide 140,000 desktops to 1000 DWP locations which will provide more efficient support and hardware, significantly reducing costs. The energy savings alone will save tens of millions of pounds according to the company. It is also expected that the system will be easier for staff to use.

A family from West Yorkshire has banned the use of gadgets in their home after their six kids got grumpy when access to the TV or computer was restricted. The Jones family say the result was the best thing they could have done. The children aged between 17 and one year, now meet their friends face to face and play games. The parents say that even the teenagers will chat to them and get on with homework. The children had televisions, Nintendo consoles, a computer and a Playstation, but gave it all up three years ago. Their school has complained that the children do not have access to computers for their school work, but this has not prevented the older child from being accepted into Cambridge University.

The Government has offered a lifeline to the sustainable energy industry after awarding the largest tender for an off-shore wind farm to date. The total cost of the scheme will be in the region of £100bn and will encompass as many as 32 wind farms in the English Channel and the North and Irish seas. A third of these projects are expected to be completed by 2020 and will require a huge increase in the manufacturing capacity for turbines, underwater cabling and specialised boats. The plan is hoped to allow the UK to meet the European Union requirement of 15% of energy being derived from sustainable sources by 2020. The current rate is just 2%.

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