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The Apple iPad? No thanks. There are plenty of things we can waste our money on first!

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>> Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally unveiled the new Apple iPad this week. After much anticipation the details of the iPad can be revealed. At just 700g and 0.5 inches thick, the tablet style computer is very portable. The display screen is 9.7 inches and it has a battery life of 10 hours. It can use wi-fi, 3G and Bluetooth and has anywhere from 16 to 64Gb's of memory. It will be retailing for around £309 up to £432 for the larger memory models. All current iPhone apps can be used on the iPad and will be scaled up to fill the larger screen. It is expected that developers will now begin making specialised apps to take advantage of the screen size. Experts have predicted that the tablet will spell the end of the Netbook as the iPad is less clunky and more user friendly. It is also expected that Apple may use the iPad to break into the lucrative e-reader market.

>> Owners of the iPhone can now access the iconic Good Food Guide following the release of the Guides application. The guide reviews restaurants all over the UK and the app allows the user to sort those reviews by cost, cuisine type, location or rating. The GPS technology on the phone will work out the users location and show the user how to get there once a restaurant is selected. The app will also call the restaurant, find the website and Tweet or email friends with the details. Once the restaurant has been visited the user can even send their own review to the Good Food Guide. The app is only available for a limited time and costs 59p.

The MET Office has also released a new app this week allowing users to get access to weather information for free. Location specific forecasts can be made based on the user and it can be seen on either a map or in data formats. The information given also includes wind speed and sunrise and sunset times.

>> has highlighted some new gadgets which they recommend for people who are deciding against purchasing the new iPad. The AR drone helicopter from French firm Parrot can hover motionlessly and is about the size of a flying pizza. A camera will send live pictures to the users iPhone. They also highlighted the ShowWX Laser Pico Projector from Microvison which will project high quality wide screen images onto any surface from a mobile phone, MP3 Player or a computer.

>> The first ever trial of a live 3D sports broadcast was run by Sky over the weekend. The Arsenal Vs Manchester United premier league game was aired in 3D in a number of selected pubs in the UK and Ireland. Each pub was fitted with a 47 inch 3D ready TV from LG and Sky reps were on hand to organise the trials and to take note of the feedback. The trials were not publicised to keep numbers down. A separate broadcaster was used for the 3D game which was filmed separately. The broadcast was part of the build up to the new Sky 3D channel which will launch later this year for those with HD. Feedback was mixed and it seems that the slowed down sequences worked well. However the graphics worked best ... Manchester United won the match 3-1 by the way ...

>> Sony Ericsson have launched their new Aspen phone to the market this week. With a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, it has a simple email set up and one touch buttons for viewing files. The most unique feature of the phone is it's green credentials, as it is part of the Sony Ericsson GreenHeart range. The range features recycled plastics, an e-manual to cut down on paper, minimised packaging and are free from hazardous chemicals. They also come pre installed with Eco apps.

>> Bluetooth manufacturer Avantronics, has launched their Avantik Jogger wireless headphone, both in the UK and in the US. It is being targeted at sports people, as it is smaller than any other wireless headphone available at present. The Jogger weighs just 23g and is designed to mould itself to the users head and ear, even while jogging or at the gym. It is also water resistant and has a battery life of 8 hours. It is available from Amazon for £49.99.

>> Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry is this years face of the Ideal Home Show - Home of the Future and is asking for the best gadget to go inside it. She is highlighting a competition for the best home gadget, from kitchen tools to home entertainment or even robotic pets. Inventors can download an application form from the Ideal Home Show website and offer their ideas. A prototype of the winner's design will be created and displayed at the show from March 20 at Earls Court.

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